PÖFF films around the world

What success stories have started from PÖFF? How are films premiered at PÖFF doing in the world? What is written about PÖFF?

Black Nights Goes to Cannes: Submit Your Project and Join us!

For the third time, Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) joins the well-established Marché du Film showcase "Goes to Cannes" with an aim to present 5 international film projects in progress. The market screenings take place on the 20th of May 2023. Filmmakers who are interested to present a project are invited to send in their submissions by March 5th 2023.

PÖFF Brought People Back to the Cinema

78 825 visits, 2000 foreign guests, over 7500 articles from 71 countries and 14 billion potential media contacts. These are the numbers that make up this year’s Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.

Awards of the 26th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

At the Award Ceremony of the 26th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF), awards were presented to the winners of the festival’s five competition programmes and PÖFF’s youth and children’s film sub-festival Just Film.

Winners conquer the screen during PÖFF Sunday

All PÖFF winners will be screened in cinemas today! Which films from the competition programs became winners of the 26th Black Nights Film Festival?

PÖFF warms up for the award ceremony on Saturday with beloved pieces

PÖFF is coming to an end on the big screen, but it is still possible to see audience favorites. The Saturday lineup includes Cannes winners, Oscar nominees and PÖFF Main Competition selections.

PÖFF 26 Award Ceremony

The closing ceremony of the 26th Black Nights Film Festival will take place on Saturday, November 26th at 7 p.m. at the Alexela Concert Hall.

PÖFF gives out three Lifetime Achievement Awards

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival awarded the legendary German actor Udo Kier with the festival's Lifetime Achievement Award for decades-spanning artistic and cultural contribution to world cinema. Udo Kier’s impressive career has seen him play close to 300 roles, starring as Count Dracula, Adolf Hitler and Pope Innocent VIII to name a few, and worked with directors Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Lars von Trier, Dario Argento, Werner Herzog, Gus Van Sant, Guy Maddin, Wim Wenders, Walerian Borowczyk, Paul Morrissey and many others.

On PÖFF Friday, cold-blooded and hot-headed people will face off

Can love circles be reshaped into relationship triangles? Today's PÖFF selection attempts to answer this and brings incredibly colorful characters to the screen, whose stories range from shameless satires to painful dramas.

PÖFF announces its 2022 DDA Spotlight Award Winners

Sarah Polley and Ali Abbasi to receive the DDA SPOTLIGHT AWARD at 26th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.

PÖFF Thursday selection is led by femme fatales

Today's films oscillate between two extremes—on the one hand, silent acceptance of the mistakes you have made, and on the other hand, accusations pouring off your heart. How do you talk about something that happened without saying how much it hurts?

Wednesday at PÖFF dissects the values ​​of humanity

How would you act in a crisis? Today's PÖFF films examine whether it is possible to manage living in the countryside and a career in OnlyFans while keeping the fire of a relationship going.

Brazilian cinema – the face of a diverse, creative, and poignant country

Persist and conquer. These are perhaps the words that best define the current Brazilian cinema.

Tuesday at PÖFF takes you to the beds of strangers

Today's program explores how prejudices and inflexible attitudes can destroy a person and their relationships. These powerful stories full of passion and crazy twists will keep you at the edge of your seat.

PÖFF Monday explores the reasons behind growing together and apart

Today's PÖFF is full of love stories in very contrasting tones—from self-sacrificing to the affection that is stolen from the relationships of others. Can a mother's love be conditioned? And after a husband dies unexpectedly, how to deal with the fact that he left two widows?

PÖFF's Sunday is lit by H.P. Baxxter appearance for his life-affirming documentary.

The most intense Sunday of this year has arrived, which will be even more memorable with the live appearance of H.P. Baxxter at his film’s premiere. Today's film program offers, in addition to a deep thirst for life, incredible juicy perspectives on everything that connects or separates people.

PÖFF is showing films from the competition programme

The competition programme of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) opened on November 16 with „Stiekyt“, an exotic, Afrikaans-language film from South-Africa.

Watch PÖFF TV programs or listen to them on Spotify

PÖFF TV is a special festival channel that complements the film program to bring people the emotions and meanings of the film world, interviews with festival guests and film recommendations. PÖFF TV programs and interviews are available to everyone, including those in foreign countries, for free on the Elisa Stage online platform.

PÖFF Tuesday invigorates you with the cream of culture

Tuesday's selection of films is for big thinkers who we'll provide with rich intellectual food for thought. The recent films of directors Lars von Trier, Steven Spielberg and Sulev Keedus have found their place here, all of which make sense of the passage of time in their own way.

PÖFF's Discovery Campus training program invites top filmmakers from the film world to lectures and workshops

The international training program Discovery Campus organized by Black Nights Film Festival and Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event invites young film professionals and students to take part in lectures, master classes and workshops by several internationally recognized mentors at the end of November. Famous mentors of the program include American composer William Goldstein, director Andrea Pallaoro, film artist Brunella De Cola and others.

PÖFF Monday glows with blood-red love

PÖFF Monday closes its eyes to reality and plunges headfirst into the fantasy of love. Today's program recharges the energy reserves of the week that began through internal combustion, fueled by passions, ambitions and other indeterminate feelings across the cinema screens.

One hundred years after its premiere, a horror film is back on the big screen

For the Dark Nights Film Festival, one of the most legendary silent films through the ages, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau's horror film "Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror" will be revived, with new music commissioned by the Pärnu City Orchestra and composed by Tõnis Kaumann.

The PÖFF Lifetime Achievement Award went to a Polish film legend

The laureate of this year's second Lifetime Achievement Award of the Black Nights Film Festival is Polish film legend Krzysztof Zanussi.

The opening day of PÖFF: top filmmakers and impossibly inept characters

Finally, the time has come to celebrate the beginning of PÖFF with the opening ceremony, but there are many different options available today. For example, David Bowie, Finnish karaoke or drifting accompanied by Tiësto. Everyone has their own tuning, on which to stretch the mind between moral dilemmas or just to empty the mind for a few moments.

William Goldstein's live scoring to film: “Fred Jüssi. The Beauty of Being”

At the Music Meets Film event dedicated to film music within the Black Nights Film Festival, all of you will have the chance to take part of something magical!

In focus: Israel brings cinema bursting with black humor

PÖFF puts Israeli cinematography under the microscope with screenings of 16 significant films showcasing unpredictably sharp emotions, expanding worldviews and making people laugh with unexpectedly black humor.

PÖFF experience dinner at restaurant R14

This coming Sunday, November 13, starting at 6 p.m., there will be a special dinner at the R14 restaurant, followed by a screening of the culinary film "Menu" at the Apollo Cinema in Coca-Cola Plaza.

PÖFF Expanded and Time Quartet premiere

Time Quartet marks the launch of the new PÖFF Expanded programme dedicated to artists’ and experimental films.

PÖFF unleashes its Rebels with a Cause

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival unleashes its 2022 Rebels with a Cause.

PÖFF introduces its first ever Critics' Picks

Tallinn Black Nights announces its first ever Critics’ Picks.

PÖFF announces 2022 Baltic Competition lineup

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival announces its 2022 Baltic Competition lineup.

PÖFF announces its full 2022 Official Selection lineup

Black Nights announces the full line up for its Official Selection.

PÖFF Shorts competition titles announced 2022

PÖFF Shorts has unveiled the titles which will be a part of its six competitions, with a total of 131 films will screen across the festival running from 15 to 23 November.

PÖFF announces 2022 First Features

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival announces its 2022 First Feature competition lineup

PÖFF is coming: Festival passes are here!

PÖFF Festival Wolf is brave and prefers to use PÖFF pass. Find out more about passes.

PÖFF announces first 7 films of the Official Selection

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) announces the first seven films to join its main Official Selection competition programme.

PÖFF is looking for volunteers

Without volunteers, there would be no Black Nights Film festival (PÖFF). It's that simple. PÖFF is looking for everyone who is ready to help to organise one of the largest film events in Northern Europe.

PÖFF in Cannes 2022

PÖFF is proud to announce its full plans during the Marché du Film this May. Central to this year’s plans is support for Ukrainian filmmakers.

Submissions for PÖFF26 are closed

Submissions for PÖFF26 are now closed. Thank you for all of your entries.

Glory to Ukrainian Filmmakers!

Starting from 9 May, a selection of Ukrainian films will reach the viewers for free, in order to raise support for filmmakers.

PÖFF Goes To Cannes with Ukrainian projects

PÖFF presents Ukrainian projects at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival and shows a film program dedicated to Ukraine in its online cinema.

Estonian film industry calls for boycott of films from warring Russia and Belarus

The entire Estonian film industry calls on their government to implement extraordinary temporary measures to ban the production and distribution of state-sponsored audiovisual films from Russia and Belarus in Estonia, and to suspend cooperation in filmmaking and culture with their autocratic regimes until the war in Ukraine stops and the subsequent situation satisfies the international community.

Coverage in 70 countries, media reach of 11 billion... PÖFF in figures

How many visits did the 25th Black Nights Film Festival receive, where it was written about, and how many million euros did it bring back to the Estonian economy?

PÖFF films get Oscar nominations

It's not the first time that one film is nominated for an Oscar for Best International Feature Film and Best Documentary. It's happened several times. However, it had never happened before that one film would be nominated for an Oscar in the categories of Best International Feature Film, Best Documentary Film and Best Animated Film.

PÖFF starts with the new training program in Ida-Viru

In 2022, PÖFF will launch a new film training program in Ida-Virumaa for builders, electricians, seamstresses, and photographers, as well as people without a specific technical professional but active in various types of technical or administrative work in the film industry.

See who won at PÖFF25

At the Award Ceremony of the 25th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF), awards were presented to the winners of the festival’s four competition programmes and PÖFF’s youth and children’s film sub-festival Just Film. PÖFF Shorts announced its winners last week, but added an EFA nominee.

„The Generation of Evil” director Emilis Vėlyvis speaks about creating a Nordic noir film from the secrets of KGB

Self-taught Lithuanian enfant terrible Emilis Vėlyvis presents an impulsively suspenseful and unpredictable thriller, which you’ll wish to watch again exposing smartly hidden clues and looking for other traces in the legacy of a bloody past.

This Saturday at PÖFF, we charge our cinematic batteries with festival favourites

The PÖFF cinema marathon is coming to an end, but the unparalleled film experience continues today. It's time to indulge in the last sweet morsels that PÖFF wolves can savour this year. There is a powerful dose of film magic waiting here and that magic is always best seen on the big screen.

„The Score” director Malachi Smyth on writing as a journey without a detailed roadmap

At the end of the day, it all comes down to great screenwriting. Malachi Smyth knows his craft as a master of screenwriting and, luckily for us, is not afraid to broaden his scope up to the fields of directing. His first feature film „The Score” had its world premiere here at the Black Nights Film Festival and proved to be far from an ordinary crime drama. Malachi shows that he marches to his own directorial beat right from the start.

Friday at PÖFF puts the cherry on the top of our celebratory edition

The last week of an incredibly special PÖFF has reached its peak and continues to deliver the goods, before tomorrow's award ceremony.

Thursday at PÖFF fills the senses with a passionate thirst for life and meets the bravest of the brave

Here you will find stories of how to keep your feet on the ground with barefoot dreams, reaching for dizzyingly heights and down to some dark lows. Thursday's sample offers especially thought-provoking pieces to all those who are not afraid to get lost, fall and pick themselves up, while adventuring on the deeper levels of being.

Wednesday PÖFF searches in the bushes of the maze of life

Today's film program climbs to the highest highs and peeks down to the lowest lows. The forecast is for shaking thrills, fine-tuned to the last detail, and just the right dose of comedy, as black as coal. Today, the scope of the topics ranges from mystical massacres to lost kittens - there will be no shortage of fascinating options. The choice is yours!

Tuesday at PÖFF lets go of old ways and hunts for new values

Today's cinema program sings songs of strong emotions, which turn an otherwise ordinary Tuesday night into a truly exciting adventure. This is a crazy cat-and-mouse game where you never know exactly who's who. These enchanting movies cover land and sea and a journey through a political minefield that stretches from the stormy late eighties to the present day.

Monday at PÖFF will broaden your horizons and open up new perspectives

The week begins with some real gems, whose dazzling reflections spread light to all the nooks and crannies of life. Here you can enjoy a musical number or two, transportive journeys through countries from Kenya to Chile, all underpinned by mind-sharpening social insights.

„Feature Film About Life” director Dovilė Šarutytė speaks about the elegy to the last farewell

It is highly probable that before one’s own death, everyone has to organise someone else’s funeral. This is by far not an easy task. In addition to the searing grief, dying also brings a number of tasks that are at once utterly alien and intensely time-critical. Dovilė Šarutytė has made a strikingly captivating portrait of grief as a still-life of a person who once was.

Sunday at PÖFF sees rebels take to the waves and enjoys drifting in the currents of the unknown

None of the heroes of today's program will agree that it’s wiser to give up. Characters who are steadfast in their beliefs and will fight for them to the end are waiting here, those whose battlefields range from the high castles of Wall Street to the suffocating corridors of power in the Soviet Union.

Saturday at PÖFF will guide you inside your own brain, on a tour of the deepest feelings

Some emotions are so extreme, they’re hard to fit inside a person. Saturday's film selection will help you to discover the inner world where, in addition to love, there are plenty of fears. There are strong hearts here, afraid of losing their other halves. And there are those lost souls who are afraid of losing themselves.

Friday at PÖFF breaks through the barricades of appearance and hunts for the real face of life

The Friday raid has begun, during which everything misleading and deceptive is spread through our cinemas: challenges to a person's sense of reality. As the unstoppable spread of the cult of personality on social media no longer surprises anyone, in today's action no door will be closed to the raid.

Thursday of PÖFF finds the cornerstones of humanity and measures the impossible

What to do and how to behave when asked to not to be human? Today's program goes in search of answers, down to unprecedented depths, and brings many answers: to baffling questions, sparks of inspiration, conflicts and contradictions.

„The Radio Amateur” director Iker Elorrieta on empathy and belonging

Iker Elorrieta makes an outstanding example that sometimes your own hands and a shoulder for the camera, two remarkable actors and a boom operator is enough to create unforgettably impactful scenes.

Wednesday at PÖFF travels around the world and sees the first competition programme premieres

One of the most important turning points of the festival has arrived - the first competition films of the 25th edition will reach cinemas today.

Tuesday at PÖFF invigorates the senses with inspiring stories and unbridled personalities

Today's heroes are moving unstoppably towards their goals, perhaps leaving a few bloody noses in their wake, all in truly admirable performances.

“What Went Wrong?” director Liliana Torres on auto-fiction and vulnerability

It takes a brave soul to relive all your past heartbreaks and lay them out on the cinema screens to get the picture of what went wrong. Liliana Torres is not afraid of opening up her life for a more intimate and genuine cinematic experience.

PÖFF's fantasy-filled films transcend the boundaries of reality in search of deeper answers

By unreal we mean the unpredictable, that which when seen with our own eyes, is real or at least seems to be. The following works express ideas and phenomena that are indescribable, in the language of personal experience and the inexplicable feelings hidden in their shadows.

Day 4 of PÖFF maps the boundaries of young people's independence and mothers’ sacrifices

How do you know you're ready for life? Rebellious teenagers kick off this new PÖFF week and suddenly see themselves as adults. Next to them, new mothers who do not recognize themselves in their new role take brave but uncertain steps forward in life.

PÖFF's historical films open doors to the underground, introducing creators and preachers

Every decision we make can become part of a story bigger than life itself. This is the case with many of the iconic figures in this sample, whose life story may be over today, but the impact of what happened leaves us much to ponder and complex feelings to pick through after the fact.

Day 3 of PÖFF takes stock of our sins and examines the complexities of creativity

Sunday's cinemas are filled with stories of people who have made mistakes in their lives. Some of them have learned unexpected lessons and, for others, drinking works as well as learning.

Movies searching for what went wrong, through all the twists and turns

True love never dies, they say. Here’s a selection of films to confirm the rumours and a few that, on the contrary, try to wipe their hands free of love. Be it one side or the other, the characters here are all fighting for or with love somehow.

New PÖFF initiative Black Nights Discovery Campus aims to offer year-round education for film professionals

Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, together with the Black Nights Film Festival, will launch a new international continuing education programme Black Nights Discovery Campus that encourages young film professionals to pursue and complement their studies in filmmaking. A new banner unites the established programmes like Black Nights Stars, Music Meets Film and Black Room together with refreshed and new stands Future to Film and Young Critics.

Day 2 of PÖFF will expand your mind

Today's movie program is full of madness. But instead of a great evening or party, the characters here are driven crazy by blood thicker than water, dusty rolls of film, a ski track running without snow and a dead aunt on the kitchen floor.

For PÖFF wolves who like that good kind of tension

Here are some choice pieces for the bravest of wolves, who are not afraid to head down blind alleys, thrown into the twists and turns of psychological thrillers. This sample is anything but an array of run-of-the-mill horror flicks.

Photos from the PÖFF25 Opening Ceremony

Photo galleries from the opening ceremony of PÖFF25, celebrating our 25th anniversary at the Alexela Concert Hall, where the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Bruno O'Ya Young Actor Stipend were presented.

Kicking off PÖFF25 with new discoveries and recognised masters

The opening day of the festival does not hold back and covers the entire spectrum of emotions, ranging from charmingly sly nostalgia to emotionless black blacks. These are films that do not simply make you feel, but ignite your mind to think and make sense of such great issues as morality, belonging, authenticity and purpose.

Uplifting films to brighten your PÖFF

A selection of warm-hearted movies, perfect for the dark days of November.

PÖFF heavyweights will leave a mark

We take the most meaning away from the most difficult stories. The emotional lives of the most vulnerable people in society, whose battles with the regular world will move even the coldest of hearts, are highlighted in this selection

A delicious pavlova of indie films at PÖFF

Flipping from intimate and intricate visual language into full blown song and dance numbers, like subtle verses and exploding choruses, this bunch of PÖFF films dig deep for feelings and understanding them.

Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event 2021 focused on sustainability and the future of film

DDA Spotlight Award 2021

Liesl Tommy and Sebastian Meise will receive the DDA Spotlight Award at the 25th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.

PÖFF's eccentrics walk a path of their own

We start the week by introducing a few of PÖFF's most unique characters: films that juggle biting satire, mind-bending thought experiments and absurdist escapism.

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Visually enchanting films to lead you on a aesthetic journey through PÖFF

PÖFF's most visually enchanting films will lead you on an entrancing and exciting aesthetic journey, reaching unseen pinnacles of cinematic vision.

Juries announced for Official Selection and First Feature competitions

It is a huge pleasure to announce the juries who will oversee the Official Selection and First Feature competition programmes for this very special 25th birthday edition of PÖFF.

Prepare for PÖFF, keeping yourself and everyone else safe

We take great care of our visitors and want the festival experience to be as pleasant, comfortable and safe as possible for everyone. PÖFF lasts two and a half weeks, and in order for us all to reach a successful conclusion, we have compiled the following guidelines and rules.

Invitation to the PÖFF Broken Hearts Club

The darkness of November arrives just on time and it’s time to ask yourself if your mood is as dark as PÖFF’s programme this year.

A programme roadmap to prepare for your PÖFF marathon

PÖFF tickets are on sale in all their glory! This year, 181 films from five different continents will be in the program, but there is no need to panic. Instead of counting your days off and stocking up caffeine tablets, an experienced wolf knows that a well-organised film marathon begins with clever planning.

Opening press conference of PÖFF25 - Nov 4 at 11:00

Is PÖFF still happening? How does the festival celebrate its 25th birthday? Are foreign visitors expected in Tallinn? What is exciting about this year's program?

Wolf Passes

Who would ever have thought that a Wolf Pass will one day be such hot stuff!

PÖFF brings New German Cinema to Estonian cinemas

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival brings New German Cinema to Estonian cinemas

Pärnu City Orchestra provides a live soundtrack to Vampyr

Pärnu City Orchestra will present a concert screening of Carl Theodor Dreyer's 1932 horror film "Vampyr", with music written by Tõnu Kõrvits.

PÖFF unleashes its 2021 Rebels With A Cause

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) announces the line-up for Rebels With A Cause, an international competition programme screening 14 feature films, alongside a short films competition that includes 13 entries this year, split across two programmes.

PÖFF puts Hungary in focus in 2021

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) announces Hungary as the Focus Country for this year’s 25th edition of the festival. The festival’s Opening Film will be Ildikó Enyedi’s The Story of My Wife.

PÖFF announces its 12 Baltic Competition films

12 films to compete in Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival’s Baltic Competition

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival announces its full 2021 Official Selection lineup

The festival’s main competition programme adds one more world premiere, ten international premieres, three European premieres, and two Estonian premieres to the six world premieres previously announced.

PÖFF park to be opened in Tallinn

Black Nights Film Festival, celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, has announced building a park in their name.

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) announces its 2021 First Features competition lineup

The selection includes ten world premieres, nine international premieres and one European premiere, among the slate of 20 debuts.

PÖFF celebrates its anniversary with Tarkovsky opera

Black Nights Film Festival celebrates its 25th birthday with the long-awaited contemporary opera “Tarkovsky - The Eighth Film” by Eesti Kontsert.

PÖFF announces first 6 films of the Official Selection

The festival celebrates its 25th with an especially strong selection of author films, including returning favourites and emerging talents from all corners of the cinematic world. 

Festival pass sales begin, with innovative safety measures announced

Black Nights Film Festival has launched it passes earlier than usual and is adopting the most modern solutions - developed right here in Estonia - for ensuring infection safety and coronavirus testing. There are exactly two months until the start of the festival.

Job offer: International Marketing and Communication Assistant

PÖFF is looking for an international marketing and communications team member for this year's festival!

European Film Factory and PÖFF to collaborate on promoting film literacy in Europe

The aim of the cooperation is to further develop film literacy in European countries by providing schools with an effective online tool supporting the inclusion of the art of film in the classroom. The project is focused towards general schools, students aged 11 to 18 and their teachers, of the member states of the Creative Europe programme.

Baltic Focus at Marché du Film 2021

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival will take part in a Baltic Focus at this year’s Marché du Film in Cannes. Together with the Estonian Film Institute, Latvian Film Center and Lithuanian Film Centre, a variety of new projects, professionals and initiatives will be presented to the international industry and press.

“Black Nights Goes to Cannes”: project submissions are open

For the first time Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) joins the well established Marché du Film showcase "Goes to Cannes" with an aim to present 5 international film projects in post-production stage at the Marché du Film in July. “Black Nights Goes to Cannes” is part of the PÖFF’s 25th birthday celebrations, in a year where PÖFF’s industry platform Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event also celebrates its 20th anniversary. Film industry professionals who are interested to present a project at the event are invited to send in their submissions by May, 7 2021.

Tallinn Black Nights Protects Estonian Forests with Submission Fee Donation

Tallinn Black Nights fulfils its 2020 pledge to donate a part of its film submission fees toward the preservation of local forests, alongside Estonian green tech company Single.Earth and the newly formed forest fund Estonian Wildlife.

Job offer: Black Night Stars project manager

PÖFF is looking for a Black Night Stars project manager to join its team. See if it's a fit for you or recommend to a friend!

PÖFF announces dates for its 25th anniversary and opens film submissions

PÖFF has announced dates for its 25th-anniversary edition and opens submissions for the main festival and sub-festivals PÖFF Shorts and Just Film.

Variety announced Tiina Lokk as an influential woman

Variety, being the most authoritative and trusted source of entertainment business news, named Tiina Lokk as a woman who has influenced the global entertainment industry.

The Year of Living Innovatively

When the 17-day-long festival rollercoaster reached its destination at the end of November, it was clear that it had been a ride to remember!

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival opens a year-round online cinema

Opening this month, Tallinn Black Nights (PÖFF) launches an online cinema where films can be watched all year round throughout Estonia's territory.

HÕFF festival passes now available!

Starting today, it is possible to buy passes for the Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival at a discounted price.

PÖFF received the Engine of Culture award

**The culture desk of the news service Postimees has given the annual Engine of Culture award of 2020 to Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival lead by Tiina Lokk.**

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival sets new attendance record with a boost from online industry events

**The festival estimates that 101 833 physical and virtual attendances took place setting a record for the industry events which saw over 35 000 virtual attendances, resulting from a record of 1600 accredited professionals.**

The aesthetics of a period: How to recreate the Soviet era on film.

From the aversion of over-romanticizing to the right socks and plastic bags that make all the difference. Interview with three filmmakers and an actor.

See the best of the festival, still in the coming days!

This year's winners have been announced and you still have the chance to see some of them in cinemas, and online.

These are the winners of the 24th edition of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival!

This year, a record amount of films were shown in and out of competition at the festival. Tonight we celebrated the (almost) end of a successful hybrid festival at Vene Theatre in anticipation of the jury verdict. Now, we are very happy to announce this year’s winners!

On day 15 of Black Nights a new dawn full of stars awaits us

On the day of the Award Ceremony, we invite you for the final three premieres of our Official Competition - Selection, to have them fresh in your memory and share in the joy when the winners are announced in the glorious Vene Theatre tonight.

Lifetime Achievement Award winner Margarethe von Trotta: "You have to be courageous to put your dreams into action, repeatedly."

This week, pioneering female filmmaker Margarethe von Trotta received the Lifetime Achievement Award at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. We called her to speak about the award, some highlights in her career, her ongoing work, and her advice to young filmmakers.

Award Ceremony Live

On the 27th of November, the 24th edition of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival will have its festive finale during the award ceremony. Join us for the LIVE-stream and share in the excitement, as we enjoy several performances and announce this year's winning movies!

Day 14 at Black Nights asks us to face ourselves and all our vanities.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all? Who is the fastest of them all? And who is the richest of them all? Be ready to face yourself, and all your vanities in today's films.

Award Ceremony

On the 27th of November, the 24th edition of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival will have its festive finale during the award ceremony. Join us for the LIVE-stream and share in the excitement, as we enjoy several performances and announce this year's winning movies!

Day 13 at Black Nights: rebel, rebel!

Wednesday is a good day for rebels if you ask us. The workweek is halfway done, and we are in the need of some distraction, some shaking up. Find your rebel in the programme of Black Nights.

Day 12 at Black Nights takes us on a trip to solve mysteries and find answers

Join us again today for a cinematic trip around the world. Find out what day 12 at Black Nights Film Festival has in store for you.

Brave wolves go winter swimming at Black Nights Film Festival

It’s a saying in Estonia, that a bear’s coat does not fear the cold. In the past days, we have learned that so does not the coat of a real PÖFF wolf. What started as a quick plan, made by a few enthusiasts on the first night of the festival, has grown into a daily morning routine of cold water swimming. Join us for the challenge - wherever you are - and win a prize!

Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event kicks off with 800 guests attending virtually

Today, the 19th edition of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, taking place virtually this year, kicks off with its online programme including over 50 workshops, panels and seminars, hundreds of 1:1 meetings, and more than 800 accredited film industry professionals. Accreditation is still opened, and now at an all-time attractive price of 25,- euro.

Day 11 at Black Nights tells of the rituals, beliefs and curious things that connect us.

The things that connect us can vary from love to death, from a mysterious painting to ritualistic music, to a strong belief in UFO sightings. Immerse yourself in the worlds of today's films, be amazed, bewildered, or find recognition and feel understood.

Margarethe Von Trotta receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) awards the Venice Golden Lion-winning director Margarethe von Trotta, one of the key figures of the New German Cinema movement, with the festival’s second Lifetime Achievement Award.

Day 10 at Black Nights is a dance between fairy tales and reality

How far will you go, to lay bare the truth? And is reality to be idealized at all, or should we rather take comfort and pride in our imagination or utopian dreams? Dive into today's stories, where fairytales, hopes, and harsh truths intertwine.

On day 9 of Black Nights there is an equal place for youthful dreams as well as memories

In the selection of this Saturday's films, we find odes to youth and the youthful, but also films that are dedicated to memories - for one cannot exist without the other. In our selection is also a special film presented in the memory of its director, Zaza Urushadze, the loved Georgian director that left us far too soon, last year.

TV Beats presents 13 fresh series

The selection includes seven new Russian series, the latest work by two-time Academy Award nominee Steve James and the world premiere of Estonian thriller In the Line of Fire.

Day 8 at Black Nights: heroes and other creatures

The second Friday of Black Nights is ablaze with several world premieres, international guests, films that shed light on environmental issues, and lots of other gems in competition and side programmes. Get the best start to your weekend here!

Tristan Priimägi on the richness of national cinema, new Estonian gothicism and the role a festival can play in the local film industry

An interview with Tristan Priimägi before the presentation of his book '101 Estonian films'. For PÖFF, Tristan has curated a side programme of Estonian films, some of them never before shown for big audiences, the oldest one of them from the 1920’s.

Day 7 at Black Nights takes us through political loopholes and to unknown grounds

Day 7 at Black Nights takes us through loopholes of government and law, and asks the question: what makes a country, really?

Remembering Zaza Urušadze with his final film 'Anton'

The special programme ‘Remembering Zaza Urušadze’ brings the Georgian filmmaker’s last work, ‘Anton’, to the big screen. Anton was released in the autumn of 2019 and has only been shown a select number of times since then, due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Have a chat with the filmmakers online!

Many filmmakers can't come to the festival this year, but: did you know you can have a chat with many of them online and ask your personal questions? Check out how.

Black Nights introduces timely Environmental Film Programme

There’s a new programme added to the list of Black Nights Film Festival's film programmes. The programme, centering around environmentally themed films, is presented by the Environment Agency.

Day 6 at Black Nights: foolish boys and wise men.

The main part in today's selection is played by the man in all his shapes and sizes. Wander through the inner lives and adventures of these boys in a set of beautifully crafted films.

Black Nights on repeat: day #5 is here.

Satisfaction lies in mindful repetition, the discovery of endless richness in subtle variations on familiar themes. Find out what day #5 at Black Nights has in store!

Armando Iannucci and Francis Annan received the first DDA Spotlight Awards at 24th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

At yesterday's ceremony Dennis Davidson, the founder of the DDA Group accepted the inaugural DDA Spotlight Award on behalf of Armando Iannucci and Francis Annan who received the new award honouring diversity and inclusion in cinema.

Screen Daily talks with Tiina Lokk, Marge Liiske and directors of Berlin & IFFR

ScreenDaily hosts live talks with film industry professionals. Upcoming is a talk with our own director Tiina Lokk and the directors of Berlin and Rotterdam film festivals, on planning their festivals in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Join the talk on Wednesday the 18th!

Monday is for dreamers: Day 4 at Black Nights

Who said Monday's are dull? Why not take a different perspective, and see the slow, drooly Monday as the perfect day to indulge in some dreams.

An identity adrift: Interview with Canadian-born Estonian DOP Alar Kivilo

An interview with this year's Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Alar Kivilo. About his cosmopolitan identity, working in Hollywood, pulling a fast one on Bruce Willis, and the enormous shot in the arm that the production of “Tenet” brought to the Estonian film industry. Originally published on North Start Film Alliance. By Liisi Rohumäe.

Death, disco and werewolves: Black Nights day #2 offers an eclectic film choice!

Lazy Sunday gems at Black Nights day #3

Whether it's a historical drama or a portrait of the inventor of the Playboy bunny, one of our world premieres, Q&A's with film guests, or a special new award. Black Nights has got your easy Sunday covered. Book a ticket, sit back and unwind.

How to make your brand identity work for you

Join the free online PÖFF Black Room seminar by Karen K Burns; on the basics of brand identity and trends in both marketing and presentation.

GALLERY: Red Carpet & Opening Night

This year's opening night was a masqued ball in a whole new sense of the word. Of course it did not stop real PÖFF wolfs to show off their shiniest of coats. Check out last night's galleries and get into the festive mood.

Runaway sailors, fugitives and lustful amusement rides. Day #1 at Black Nights is on a run.

The 24th, hybrid, Black Nights Film Festival is off to a spectacular start. Read along for some special recommendations in today's screenings.

Armando Iannucci & Francis Annan first Recipients of The DDA Spotlight Award

The directors of The Personal History of David Copperfield and Escape from Pretoria will each receive the new award by Black Nights Film Festival, honouring diversity and inclusion in cinema.

Estonian Film Magazine features special stories from PÖFF

The new Estonian Film Magazine 2020 is out now. Read along for several interviews and stories on films from this year's festival.

Join us LIVE tonight, at the Opening Ceremony

Tonight we celebrate the launch of the 24th edition of the festival. Join us at 19:00 live, from your homes, where you are.

Meet the PÖFF juries!

Meet the people, who have been crowned this year’s jury for the different competition programmes at PÖFF.

Alar Kivilo first Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient of 2020

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) awards Estonian-Canadian DOP Alar Kivilo with the festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

PÖFF reveals full lineup of films

Tallinn Black Nights (PÖFF) announces new programmes and adds world premieres to the programme of the 24th edition.

How do I watch the best of PÖFF at home?

For the first time in the festival’s history viewers based in Estonia can now watch films from your home, at the time that suits best for you. Find out how.

Opening Press Conference LIVE

Opening Press Conference of the 24th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival and Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event

Safety first: PÖFF collaborates with three medical companies

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival announces collaboration with three medical companies to ensure the safety of its events and guests.

Opening Ceremony

We invite you to celebrate the start of this year's Black Nights Film Festival in style. The opening ceremony brings together a timely theatrical performance, an audiovisual spectacle, young stars, and much more!

26 Rebels With A Cause storm the screens

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF) announces the line-up for Rebels With A Cause, an international competition programme screening 13 feature films, alongside a short films competition that also includes 13 entries this year, split across two programmes.

Baltic Competition digs deep in own history, and takes fresh steps beyond

Showcasing the fresh cinematic output of the three Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania – the Baltic Competition will screen 14 films, including world premieres of two Estonian documentaries.

Focus country Germany brings a scandalous biopic to open the festival

Germany will be the Focus Country for this year’s hybrid 24th edition of the festival. The festival’s Opening Film will be Oskar Roehler’s Fassbinder biopic Enfant Terrible. Fourteen more German films will screen online and onsite as part of the In Focus: New German Cinema selection.

Test your film knowledge; win a trip to Estonia and film festival of choice

Polish up your film knowledge and participate in Visit Estonia's movie quiz! Not only will you be lauded honour. Three knowledgable wolfs will also be awarded a tailor-made trip to Estonia and tickets to a film festival of choice.

PÖFF Black Room brings together world-renowned masters of the art department

The Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event’s training programme explores visual language of cinema through the craft of production design, with art production masters of films like The Grand Budapest Hotel, Isle of Dogs, Lady Macbeth and The Lobster.

Eight young actors announced as new Black Night Stars

Black Nights Stars, the initiative of the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, has announced eight young actors from the Baltic Sea region to participate in the programme this November, also inviting young talents from Russia to attend for the first time within the RUSSIA IN FOCUS program.

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival announces the complete lineup of the Official Selection Competition

Geographically, stylistically, and culturally diverse: Final 17 films added to the Official Selection Competition. Five of the new films have their world premieres in the Official Selection Competition of the 24th edition of the festival.

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival introduces DDA Spotlight Award

The DDA will honour an artist or filmmaker whose recent work helps to improve diversity and inclusion in the film industry and cinema culture.

PÖFF Announces First Feature Films, paving new ways in cinema.

Eighteen plus three budding filmmakers take the stage in this year's First Feature Selection, bringing freshness and quirky, new views.

Famed Ugandan action director Godfrey Geoffrey directs video for Estonian funk band

Estonian funk band Lexsoul Dancemachine released video directed by Ugandan director Godfrey Geoffrey aka Nabwana I.G.G, who they discovered via the Haapsalu Horror and Fantasy Film Festival.

PÖFF announces first 8 films of the Official Selection – Competition

From legendary veterans to emerging new voices – here are the first eight films of this year's Official Selection – Competition, that will be competing for the festival's main prize.

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival saves forests with Single.Earth, a rising Estonian greentech startup

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival will invest one euro from every film submission fee collected to combat intensive clear-cuts in Estonia. The platform created by the Estonian startup Single.Earth gives money to forest owners for switching from clear-cutting to alternative forest management methods.

The Goddess of Fortune wins Tartuff Audience Award

The audience of the Tartu Love Film Festival that wrapped on Sunday picked the Italian dramedy The Goddess of Fortune as their favourite film. The festival, affected heavily by the COVID-related restrictions saw an attendance of around 6300 (including 1200 online viewers) which marks a big drop from previous editions.

PÖFF Shorts now an Academy Award Qualifying Festival

The team of Black Nights celebrates the news its the sub-festival, international short film and animation festival PÖFF Shorts has now become an Academy Qualifying film event.

The 24th PÖFF is hybrid

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival holds physical and virtual screenings while the international industry and press will be granted virtual access to films and events regardless of their location.

Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event happens fully online this year

Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event, the industry strand of the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival has decided to move online completely due to likely travel restrictions caused by the resurgence of COVID-19.