PÖFF : 2021 : BNFF
This Saturday at PÖFF, we charge our cinematic batteries with festival favourites
The PÖFF cinema marathon is coming to an end, but the unparalleled film experience continues today. It's time to indulge in the last sweet morsels that PÖFF wolves can savour this year. There is a powerful dose of film magic waiting here and that magic is always best seen on the big screen.

„The Generation of Evil” director Emilis Vėlyvis speaks about creating a Nordic noir film from the secrets of KGB

Self-taught Lithuanian enfant terrible Emilis Vėlyvis presents an impulsively suspenseful and unpredictable thriller, which you’ll wish to watch again exposing smartly hidden clues and looking for other traces in the legacy of a bloody past.

„The Score” director Malachi Smyth on writing as a journey without a detailed roadmap

At the end of the day, it all comes down to great screenwriting. Malachi Smyth knows his craft as a master of screenwriting and, luckily for us, is not afraid to broaden his scope up to the fields of directing. His first feature film „The Score” had its world premiere here at the Black Nights Film Festival and proved to be far from an ordinary crime drama. Malachi shows that he marches to his own directorial beat right from the start.

Friday at PÖFF puts the cherry on the top of our celebratory edition

The last week of an incredibly special PÖFF has reached its peak and continues to deliver the goods, before tomorrow's award ceremony.

Thursday at PÖFF fills the senses with a passionate thirst for life and meets the bravest of the brave

Here you will find stories of how to keep your feet on the ground with barefoot dreams, reaching for dizzyingly heights and down to some dark lows. Thursday's sample offers especially thought-provoking pieces to all those who are not afraid to get lost, fall and pick themselves up, while adventuring on the deeper levels of being.

Wednesday PÖFF searches in the bushes of the maze of life

Today's film program climbs to the highest highs and peeks down to the lowest lows. The forecast is for shaking thrills, fine-tuned to the last detail, and just the right dose of comedy, as black as coal. Today, the scope of the topics ranges from mystical massacres to lost kittens - there will be no shortage of fascinating options. The choice is yours!