These are the winners of the 24th edition of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival!
This year, a record amount of films were shown in and out of competition at the festival. Tonight we celebrated the (almost) end of a successful hybrid festival at Vene Theatre in anticipation of the jury verdict. Now, we are very happy to announce this year’s winners!
2020 Winners
Virtual Cinema (until December 6th)

See the best of the festival, still in the coming days!

This year's winners have been announced and you still have the chance to see some of them in cinemas, and online.

On day 15 of Black Nights a new dawn full of stars awaits us

On the day of the Award Ceremony, we invite you for the final three premieres of our Official Competition - Selection, to have them fresh in your memory and share in the joy when the winners are announced in the glorious Vene Theatre tonight.

Lifetime Achievement Award winner Margarethe von Trotta: "You have to be courageous to put your dreams into action, repeatedly."

This week, pioneering female filmmaker Margarethe von Trotta received the Lifetime Achievement Award at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. We called her to speak about the award, some highlights in her career, her ongoing work, and her advice to young filmmakers.

Award Ceremony Live

On the 27th of November, the 24th edition of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival will have its festive finale during the award ceremony. Join us for the LIVE-stream and share in the excitement, as we enjoy several performances and announce this year's winning movies!

Day 14 at Black Nights asks us to face ourselves and all our vanities.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all? Who is the fastest of them all? And who is the richest of them all? Be ready to face yourself, and all your vanities in today's films.