Wednesday at PÖFF dissects the values ​​of humanity
Elise Jagomägi

How would you act in a crisis? Today's PÖFF films examine whether it is possible to manage living in the countryside and a career in OnlyFans while keeping the fire of a relationship going.

Earlier this month, shocking images made headlines in Estonia. The video of an accident between a cyclist and a car driver went viral for two reasons: one of the parties to the case was a politician, and secondly, it was unclear who was at fault. The first film in today's recommendations, “The Accident”, begins with an eerily similar premise which does not limit itself to blame it all on road rage, and instead becomes a quest for justice with unexpected plot twists.

The main competition program's film "And Yet We Were All Blind" is a powerful tale about finding justice, which dissects the rights and responsibilities of a woman over her body through complicated and sharp questions. These heavyweight dramas are balanced with the black comedy "The Coffee Table", about a couple whose furniture purchase triggers unexpected events. We finish the day with "Phi 1.618", a dystopian fairy tale that explores the reasons future humans will choose to stay (or escape) Earth.

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The Accident

Wednesday Nov 23, 18:00, Coca-Cola Plaza

International premiere with director/screenwriter/editor B. Carboni

Joana is cycling to work. Unexpectedly, a car stops short in front of her and when Joana decides to confront the driver, the woman behind the wheel decides to push the pedal. In modern times, one person's misfortune can easily become a public sensation. It doesn't take long for Joana to find a video of the incident on YouTube. She had planned to keep the accident quiet, but now she has the chance to face the driver, a woman named Elaine, again. This time around, the accelerator pedal is under Joana’s control.


And Yet We Were All Blind

Wednesday Nov 23, 18:30, Coca-Cola Plaza

World premiere with director B. Pollet and actor M. Wyler

"And Yet We Were All Blind" tells the intimate story of Claire, a smart young mother of two children, who lives a harmonious life with her husband. When the police find a newborn near their house, believed to be Claire's, the couple's life becomes a living hell. Claire claims she didn't know she was pregnant. Thus begins an in-depth investigation, the aim of which is to understand the insidious behavior of her body and how aware was Claire of the pregnancy.


21 Paradise

Wednesday Nov 23, 21:30, Coca-Cola Plaza

World premiere with director N. R. Medina

Julio and Mateo are a young couple living in a sustainable house made of containers in the countryside. Their daily life is largely connected to the land and the sea. They fund their lifestyle by sharing their most intimate moments on OnlyFans, a paid social network. Paradise 21 is an honest love story about two human beings who seem to share a common destiny, but are actually just as isolated as everyone else.


The Coffee Table

Wednesday Nov 23, 19:00, Coca-Cola Plaza

World premiere with director C. Casas

Jesus and Maria are a couple of new parents who are going through difficult times. To mark the beginning of a new life, they decide to get a new coffee table. A simple decision that will change their existence. The couple deals with so many "real life" situations with such borderline black humor, that one wonders if it's still okay to laugh.


The Chambermaid

Wednesday Nov 23, 18:45, Coca-Cola Plaza

World premiere with director M. Č.Solčanská

A film that is designed to captivate even the most demanding audiences. “The Chambermaid” is the touching love story of Anka and Res, two 15-year-olds that sit at opposite ends of the social ladder. Both realize that they have found a soulmate in each other, but then the First World War starts…


Phi 1.618

Wednesday Nov 23, 19:30, Coca-Cola Plaza

World premiere with director T. Ushev

A dystopian fairy tale in which biologically perfected humans, or Biotitans, prepare to leave Earth for good. In this fearless futuristic look at totalitarianism, the key to save the world lies in one book... The director of the feature film, Theodore Ushev, is an internationally recognized master of animated films who has won over 200 awards and is also an Oscar nominee.


In the Morning of la Petite Mort

Wednesday Nov 23, 21:45, Coca-Cola Plaza

World premiere with director Y. Wang

"In the Morning of la Petite Mort '' is a Taiwanese movie which relies on the power of moving images and the power of non-verbal communication over dialogue. A food courier has fallen in love with a gentle prostitute, who suddenly dissappears. As he looks for her, he fends off the advances of Helen, a middle-aged Filipina cleaner who is being harassed by the community's police commissioner.

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