PÖFF : 2021 : BNFF
Tuesday at PÖFF lets go of old ways and hunts for new values

Today's cinema program sings songs of strong emotions, which turn an otherwise ordinary Tuesday night into a truly exciting adventure. This is a crazy cat-and-mouse game where you never know exactly who's who. These enchanting movies cover land and sea and a journey through a political minefield that stretches from the stormy late eighties to the present day.

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The Red Tree

Nov. 23, Tuesday at 4:45 p.m., Coca-Cola Plaza
World premiere. With film guests

Eliécer is a middle-aged man whose rhythm of life is well established. However, this habitual life can no longer continue in the same way, when a small Esperanza appears behind his door. The girl claims to be his half-sister and has come to look for him after the death of their common father. "The Red Tree" is a beautiful road movie that tells the captivating story of three people at very different stages of life.



Nov. 23, Tuesday at 6 p.m., Coca-Cola Plaza
With film guests

How to find a way out of a relationship in which love and freedom are inversely related? "Runner", selected for the Karlovy Vary Film Festival's East of West side competition, embraces a masterfully tense dramatic pace that keeps up with the psychological nuances of a truly intense film experience.


Mr. Landsbergis

Nov. 23, Tuesday at 6:15 p.m., Coca-Cola Plaza
International premiere. With film guests

Only an acknowledged master like Loznitsa would be able to convince the international audience to delve deeper into the fundamental moments of our history and hear the truth about the harsh journey that the Baltic states had to embark on in their dream of independence. For the first time, Loznitsa will speak as an interviewer, talking to Professor Vytautas Landsbergis about the decisive events that took place between 1987 and 1993.


Whispers of War

Nov. 23, Tuesday at 6:30 p.m., Coca-Cola Plaza
With film guests

When primary school teacher Khalil finds material filmed during the war in Kurdistan, in his hometown of Cizre, he is forced to question his entire existence in Berlin. His life is shattered when he recognizes in the videos his long-lost sister, whom he has hitherto considered dead. The man tries his best to contact and save his sister and inform the public about this brutal war. Unfortunately, he loses himself along the way.


Dear Thomas

Nov. 23, Tuesday at 8 p.m., Coca-Cola Plaza
International premiere. With film guests

The struggles of the East German writer and filmmaker Thomas Brasch have been shaped into a poetic and enchanting cinematic journey about the artist and the 20th century during his lifetime. Director Andreas Kleinert does not follow the usual rules of a biographical film; he has shaped from Brasch's biography a homage to art and its power to change. In a black and white film with a wonderful pictorial language, the shots alternate between reality and a feverish dream.



Nov. 23, Tuesday at 9:15 p.m., Coca-Cola Plaza
International premiere. With film guests

Prejudices, fears and clashes between classes are the driving force in this psychodrama that will soon develop into a tense thriller. The film, which takes place mainly on the hunt, the views and attitudes here, the movement of the camera, the editing techniques and the excellent work of the actors describe mistrust and discrimination. A film that, in addition to the enjoyable tension and tempo, reveals one important modern phenomenon: fear of other people.


An American Prayer

Nov. 23. Tuesday at 8:00 p.m., Apollo Kino Solaris
World premiere. With film guests

“An American Prayer” is a documentary about ordinary Americans in an extraordinary time caught between love, duty, and stereotype, in present-day America’s turmoil. The film is also a fascinating record of the greatest democracy in the world in upheaval, and an urgent prayer to save the American Dream