Winners conquer the screen during PÖFF Sunday

All PÖFF winners will be screened in cinemas today! Which films from the competition programs became winners of the 26th Black Nights Film Festival?

The PÖFF Grand Prix was awarded to "Driving Mum" , a film filled with black humor, created in cooperation between Iceland and Estonia. The drama "The Land" which dissects the cultural layers of Kosovo was chosen as the winner of the New Features category. The Best Baltic film award was presented to the historical drama "The Poet", which reflects on the spiritual challenges and moral dilemmas of the resistance movement. The Rebels with a Cause competition program was won by Joe Arroyo's colorful biographical film "Rebellion", and minimalist filmmaking was distinguished by Critics' Picks which gave its top award to the movie “About Us But Not About Us”. Finally, the coveted Audience Award was given to "Amusia", which is an Italian nostalgic romance.

See the schedule for the last day of PÖFF here.


“Driving Mum” - Grand Prix winner

Sunday Nov. 27, 17:30, Coca-Cola Plaza

Jon is a middle-aged man who lives somewhere in the Icelandic countryside with his elderly mother. It is obvious that his mother always knows best. When his mother finally dies, the son decides to fulfill all the instructions that the mother left for after her death. Driving a person to their last stop might sound sad, but every turn of the road is funny in this dark comedy. What makes this film extra special is the sympathy in which the director shot each scene and the actors' dedication to their characters.


“The Land Within” - First Features Best Film Winner

Sunday Nov. 27, 15:00, Coca-Cola Plaza

Remo was 15 years old when he fled to Switzerland on a humanitarian aid flight to escape the war in Kosovo. Now a grown man, he has no memory of his lost parents. After ten years of peace in Switzerland, he receives a phone call from his cousin Una, who asks him to come home and help identify the remains of possible relatives exhumed from a mass grave. This unexpected and unwanted trip to the homeland tears opens old wounds, unforgettable fears, and painful shame.


“The Poet” - Best Baltic Feature winner

Sunday Nov. 27, 21:00, Coca-Cola Plaza

Kostas, a newly hired teacher, arrives at a small village school. The famous journalist and well-known poet came under fire for writing anti-Soviet verses. In his new town, he recognizes his former schoolmate Julija, who tells him how to join the local resistance group. A look back to the years full of doubt, in which oppressed people were forced to choose between resistance and compliance.


"Rebelión" - Rebels with a Cause competition winner

Sunday Nov. 27, 18:30, Coca-Cola Plaza

How to portray the life of one of the greatest artists of all time? Don't expect a classic musical film. Director José Luis Rugeles shows that Colombian cinema has its own deep personality which challenges the visual standards. He brings to the screen a very special biography of salsa superstar Joe Arroyo, which helps us get to know not only his music, but also the legend himself. Rebelión explores the roots of musical creation as a timeless journey, presenting Joe Arroyo as a true rebel at heart.


“About Us, But Not About Us” - Critics' Picks competition winner

Sunday Nov. 27, 16:00, Coca-Cola Plaza

A masterfully orchestrated low-budget film with a set basically consisting of a table, two chairs, two people talking, a mysterious manuscript, and small bits of food in between. Hats off and maraming salamat ‒ “thank you” in Tagalog ‒ to this brilliant Filipino masterpiece with wonderful cinematography.


“Amusia” - Audience Award winner

Sunday Nov. 27, 20:15, Coca-Cola Plaza

Amusia is the name of the inability to listen to music. This romantic film builds a tender and intriguing story inside a sci-fi, neat and harmonious village in Italy. Thanks to the incredible camera work of the Italian cinematographer Luca Bigazzi ("The Great Beauty"), the film develops into a breathtaking love story. In this warm and nostalgic atmosphere, where every color is meaningful, two young and beautiful protagonists fall in love.


“River of Desire” - Best Cinematography winner

Sunday Nov. 27, 21:00, Coca-Cola Plaza

Three brothers live in a mysterious city in the middle of nowhere under one roof. Circumstances force middle brother Dalberto to move his attractive new wife Anaira into the shared home. Famous Brazilian filmmaker Sergio Machado presents us with an exciting story that electrifies the screen with its chemistry and lust.


“Cold as Marble” - Best Actor winner

Sunday Nov. 27, 17:15, Coca-Cola Plaza

Unhealed wounds, insane desires, and insidious betrayals are unleashed in this erotic Azerbaijani psychothriller. A tormented one-eyed Artist is deeply in love with an adventurous Woman who is part of a strange marriage and is capable of anything. She tempts, provokes, confronts and challenges the extremely shy Artist, showing herself as a true femme fatale.