World premiere

Grand Prix Winner – Driving Mum

Local title
Grand Prix võitja – Teekond emaga
Title in Russian
Grand Prix Winner – Driving Mum
Original title
Á Ferð með Mömmu
Hilmar Oddsson
Iceland, Estonia
Official Selection - Competition
drama, road film
death, child-parent relationships, humour

When Hilmar Oddsson reached sixty years of age five years ago, he decided to resign from the position of a film school rector which he had held for seven years. To be more precise, he decided to dedicate himself to filmmaking again. He made his previous feature film in 2009. A long pause in filmmaking may cause uncertainty in some, but not in Hilmar. Firstly, because he has carried the idea for the film now included in PÖFF’s competition programme with him for three decades. Secondly, his strong baggage includes a diverse set of experience from previous films.

Jon is a middle-aged man who lives with his elderly mother somewhere on the edge of Iceland. It is obvious that his mother always knows how things should be. Therefore it is only natural that when the mother dies, the son fulfils all the instructions the mother has left for when she dies. Jon combs and dresses his mother’s dead body, puts her to sit on the back seat of his old car, takes the loyal dog Bresnef along and the drive to the other end of the country – to where his mother has told him to bury her – may begin.

Accompanying the deceased on the last journey is naturally a sad emotion. But in this dark comedy, everything is funny. What makes this film special, however, is the author’s special sympathy and understanding and the actors’ love for their characters, which is definitely conveyed to the audience in the cinema, making it the brightest film experience of the year for many.

Mihkel Möölman

Hilmar Oddsson
Hilmar Oddsson
Þröstur Leó Gunnarsson, Kristbjörg Kjeld, Tómas Lemarquis, Arnmundur Ernst Björnsson, Pálmi Gestsson
Hlín Jóhannesdóttir
Óttar Guðnason
Hendrik Mägar
Ursus Parvus, Alexandra Film
Icelandic, French
Estonian, English
Hilmar Oddsson

Filmograafia Eins og skepnan deyr (The Beasts, 1986), Tár úr steini (1995, Kivipisarad, PÖFF 1997), Sporlaust (Jäljetult, PÖFF 1998), Guð er til... og ástin (1999), Kaldaljós (2003, Külm valgus, PÖFF 2004), Desember (December, 2009), Á Ferð með Mömmu (Driving Mum, 2022)

Grand Prix for The Best Film, grant of 20 000 euros from the city of Tallinn


Chill-Hall Apollo Kino Coca-Cola Plaza
Screening090103 / Teekond emaga
SubtitlesEnglish, Estonian
Q&A guestsHilmar Oddsson (Film Director), Hlin Johannesdottir (Producer), Throstur Leo Gunnarsson (Actor), Ottar Gudnason (Cinematographer)
Q&A duration
Screening duration
Hall Electric Cinema, Tartu
Screening102204 / Teekond emaga
SubtitlesEnglish, Estonian
Screening duration
Hall 1 Kino Artis
Screening161501 / Teekond emaga
SubtitlesEnglish, Estonian
Screening duration
2nd Hall Apollo Kino Coca-Cola Plaza
Screening170201 / Grand prix võitja – Teekond emaga
SubtitlesEnglish, Estonian
Screening duration
Hall Athena Center, Tartu
Screening172102 / Grand prix võitja – Teekond emaga
SubtitlesEnglish, Estonian
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Q&A with the filmmaker