PÖFF : 2021 : BNFF

World premiere


Local title
Tenzin. Võõras omade seas
Title in Russian
Michael LeBlanc, Joshua Reichmann
25th Black Nights Film Festival
First Feature Competition
thriller, drama
solitude, Society, grief, migration

There are situations in which the love of close ones does not reach the limits achieved in personal development. Tenzin, who has grown up in a Tibetan community in Canada, has reached the milestone of his twenties and finds himself standing at a bewildering crossroads of life. The previously unwavering belief in fighting for the eternal preservation of the Tibetan people collapses when Tenzin’s brother decides to set himself on fire in the course of a protest held in China. How do you feel, together with others, pride and gratitude for your brother’s suicide? Unable to find answers in the fields of meaning of spirituality, Tenzin sets out to seek these in the madness of the modern culture.

This psychological drama flows between reality and dreams, creating an extremely powerful impression of an encapsulated world shadowed by the heavy curtain of grief. The integral whole produced in cooperation between Joshua Reichmann an Michael LeBlanc highlights the strengths of both directors. Reichmann is a renowned musician, writer and healer. LeBlanc is an award-winning cinematographer who has besides feature and short films also made numerous music videos.

"Tenzin", written with immediate intimacy by Tibetans themselves, is made powerful by the straightforward limitlessness of structure and dramaturgy, which allows viewers to delve into the unfamiliar feelings and discover a mystically distant and inaccessible world shaped in this symbiotic joint creation.

Elise Eimre

Michael LeBlanc, Joshua Reichmann
Tenzin Choekyi, Norbu Dhundup, Chemi Lhamo Drongsar, Tenzin Kelsang, Salden Kunga, Yeshi Tenzin
Tenzin Kelsang, Tenzin Choeky, Salden Kunga, Yeshi Tenzin, Chemi Lhamo Drongsar
Brian Robertson, Julie Baldassi, Andrew Nicholas, McCann Smith, Laura Perlmutter, Nick Sorbara
Michael LeBlanc
Michael LeBlanc
Low End, Younger Daughter Films
English, Tibetan
English, Estonian
Michael LeBlanc

Michael LeBlanc on filmirežissöör, operaator ja muusik. 2021 debüteeris ta kahe filmiga, kus oli nii operaator kui ka režissöör. Ta kuulub loomingulisse kollektiivi LeBlanc + Cudmore, kes valmistab videoid sellistele bändidele nagu Spoon, Belle and Sebastian, Alt-J, Timber Timbre, The New Pornographers, METZ jpt. Nende videod on pälvinud hulgaliselt auhindu; video „Queen of Hearts“ (esitaja Fucked Up) nimetati Toronto filmifestivali poolt 150 kõige mõjukamaks liikuvaks pildiks Kanada filmi ajaloos. Iseseisvalt pälvis Michael Suurbritannia muusikaauhinna videoga „Tom Tom“, mis filmiti Rumeenias, kus Michael ka juba pikemat aega töötab.

Joshua Reichmann

Joshua (Yeshua) Reichmann on kunstnik, kirjanik ja hingekarjane. Juba aastaid pakub ta nii professionaalset tuge kui ka teraapiat. Ta on avaldanud üheksa albumit erinevate brändide alt alates 2003. aastast. On kirjutanud stsenaariumeid ja jutte, mis on leidnud tee nii filmidesse kui ka 3D meediasse; need kõik on seotud metafüüsilise tehnoloogia ja hingelise ärkamisega.

Best Film Award, grant of 5000 euros from National Geographic


Hall 2 Coca-Cola Plaza
Screening080202 / Tenzin. Võõras omade seas
SubtitlesEnglish, Estonian
Q&A guestsBrian Robertson - Producer, Michael LeBlanc - Director, Julie Baldassi - Producer, Chemi Lhamo - Actor, writer
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Hall Electric Cinema
Screening092202 / Tenzin. Võõras omade seas
SubtitlesEnglish, Estonian
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Hall 6 Coca-Cola Plaza
Screening100403 / Tenzin. Võõras omade seas
SubtitlesEnglish, Estonian
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