World premiere

Feature Film About Life

Local title
Mängufilm Elust
Title in Russian
Художественный фильм о жизни
Original title
Ilgo metro filmas apie gyvenimą
Dovilė Šarutytė
First Feature Competition
familial relationships, grief, soul-searching, childhood, journey

It is highly probable that before their own death, everyone has to organise someone else’s funeral. This is by far not an easy task. In addition to the searing grief, dying also brings a number of tasks that are at once utterly alien and intensely time-critical. The main character of this film, Dovile, who unexpectedly has to bury her father, has to face the bedlam of exactly such a challenge. Overnight, the young girl has to become a skilful organiser of a family event, while also being a specialist on coffins, urns, wreaths and funeral feasts. Dovile’s journey towards organising a perfect funeral is inevitably full of hardship and mishaps, accompanied mainly by black humour and comical situations.

Director and screenwriter Dovile Šarutyte portrays a truly multi-faceted state of mind, which is utterly intimate, while conveying a striking portrait of the society. Scenes from a childhood video archive as well as satirical stabs at stereotypes boost the emotions. Often you can’t even readily discern whether your eyes grow moist from overwhelming laughter or wistful sorrow. It is clear, however, that Šarutyte, who has previously earned various awards with short films, gives a remarkable performance also with her first full-length feature film, offering the audience a viewing experience that does not balk from taboo subjects or hidden feelings.

“Feature Film About Life” participated in Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event Works in Progress presentation in 2020.

Elise Eimre

Dovilė Šarutytė
Dovilė Šarutytė
Agnė Misiūnaitė, Nelė Savičenko, Kęstutis Jakštas, Inga Maškarina, Romuald Lavrinoviič
Uljana Kim
Eitvydas Doškus
Gintarė Sokelytė
Vytautas Rasimavičius, Viktoras Vaupšas
Studio Uljana Kim
English, Lithuanian
Estonian, English
Dovilė Šarutytė

Dovilė Šarutytė (snd 1986) on lõpetanud filmirežii eriala Leedu Muusika- ja Teatriakadeemias 2009. Tema tudengifilm „Nasty Dream“ (2008) pälvis kriitikute tähelepanu nii kodus kui ka piiri taga. Tema üks esimesi iseseisvaid lavastajatöid „I Know You“ (2010) valiti parimaks Leedu lühifilmiks ja pälvis sellega kodumaise filmiakadeemia auhinna Hõbedase Kaarna. Film pälvis peaauhinna ka Poola tudengifilmide festivalil 2010. 2011 pälvis lavastaja juba teise Hõbedase Kaarna autasu lühifilmi „Not Lucky Today“ eest.

Best Film Award, grant of 5000 euros from National Geographic


9th Hall Apollo Kino Coca-Cola Plaza
Screening130701 / Mängufilm Elust
SubtitlesEnglish, Estonian
Screening duration
2nd Hall Apollo Kino Coca-Cola Plaza
Screening130201 / Mängufilm Elust
SubtitlesEnglish, Estonian
Q&A guestsDovilė Šarutytė - Director, Eitvydas Doskus - DOP, Agnė Misiūnaitė - Actress
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Screening duration
7th Hall Apollo Kino Coca-Cola Plaza
Screening160506 / Mängufilm Elust
SubtitlesEnglish, Estonian
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Hall Electric Cinema, Tartu
Screening172202 / Mängufilm Elust
SubtitlesEnglish, Estonian
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