International premiere

Andrea's Love

Local title
Andrea armastus
Original title
El amor de Andrea
Manuel Martín Cuenca
27th Black Nights Film Festival
Official Selection - Competition
interpersonal relationships, familial relationships

Andrea is a 15-year-old girl living in Cádiz with her mother and little brothers. Despite being a teenager, she leads a very busy life, attending high school, picking up her brothers Tomás and Fidel, as well as helping her working mother at home. Andrea has almost no time to meet her friends or do anything else. Her life is missing something, and she’s determined not to stop until she finds it.

Step by step, word by word, the plot is revealed with such a gentle hand, such delicacy and sensitivity, that we want to follow Andrea in her personal journey. Manuel Martin Cuenca – one of the most renowned cinema auteurs in the Spanish scene – a usual in the Goya nominations (both as a scriptwriter and director), uses a transparent and plain style, delivering an enjoyable experience to the audience. We get to see a little piece of these children’s lives. The story will pull us in, tenderly seducing us.

“Andrea's Love” is a story about a family which is mostly managed by the older sibling, a sweet teenager who is just discovering life and the contradictions of the adult world. A nowadays adventure which speaks about love, family and disenchantment that will make us leave the cinema with our souls smiling.

Javier Garcia Puerto

Manuel Martín Cuenca
Manuel Martín Cuenca, Lola Mayo
Lupe Mateo Barredo, Fidel Sierra, Cayetano Rodríguez, Cayetano Rodríguez Anglada, Agustín Domínguez, Irka Lugo, Jesús Ortiz, Inés Amieva, Jose M. Verdulla Otero
Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson, Manuel Martín Cuenca, Jaime Ortiz de Artiñano, Luis Collar, Mónica Lozano
Eva Díaz Iglesias
Ángel Hernández Zoido
Vetusta Morla
World sales
Estonian, English
Manuel Martín Cuenca

Manuel Martín Cuenca (1964) is one of the most prestigious and well-known Spanish directors of the current movie scene. After several short films and documentaries, he made his feature-length fictional debut with “The Weakness of the Bolshevik” for which he earned two Goya-award nominations. Later came “Cannibal” for which he received eight Goya-award nominations and “The Motive” with nine Goya-award nominations, of which he won two. His films have been screened at numerous international festivals. “Andrea's Love” is Cuenca's seventh full-length feature film.

La flaqueza del bolchevique (The Weakness of the Bolshevik, 2003), Malas temporadas (Hard Times, 2005), La mitad de Óscar (Half of Oscar, 2010), Caníbal (Cannibal, 2013), El autor (The Motive, 2017), La hija (The Daughter, 2021), El amor de Andrea (Andrea's Love, 2023)

Grand Prix for The Best Film, grant of 20 000 euros from the city of Tallinn, Award for Best Director, grant of 5000€ from Alexela


Chill-Hall Apollo Kino Coca-Cola Plaza
Screening080102 / Andrea armastus
SubtitlesEnglish, Estonian
Q&A guestsManuel Martín Cuenca (Director, Producer, Screenwriter), Lupe Mateo Barredo (Cast)
Q&A duration
Screening duration
Hall Athena Center, Tartu
Screening094101 / Andrea armastus
SubtitlesEnglish, Estonian
Screening duration
8th Hall Apollo Kino Coca-Cola Plaza
Screening100804 / Andrea armastus
SubtitlesEnglish, Estonian
Screening duration
Hall 2 Kino Artis
Screening172203 / Andrea armastus
SubtitlesEnglish, Estonian
Screening duration
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