Safety rules and advice for PÖFF guests (last updated 11.11.2021)

We care about our guests very much and wish to make the festival experience as enjoyable, convenient and safe as possible for everyone. PÖFF lasts two and a half weeks and in order for us all together to reach its successful end, we have prepared the following guidelines and rules.

All the restrictions are in accordance with the restrictions and recommendations nationally established in Estonia. If any changes are made to those, the organiser will also adjust its restrictions regarding events, if necessary.

When coming to the cinema, guests have to present a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 or a certificate of recovery from COVID-19, along with an corresponding identity document We ask those for whom vaccination is for some reason contraindicated to present a relevant medical certificate and do a test either at a nearby chemist’s or order a home test from our partner Certific. We would also like to point out to those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 or have recovered from COVID-19 that, if you have symptoms characteristic of the coronavirus, please order the test home – this way, you protect yourself and others. Vaccination certificates are also checked for guests 12 to 18 years of age.

Those who do not manage to complete the vaccination procedure on time and cannot therefore come to PÖFF, are more than welcome to take part in PÖFF Online, which will be held in December after the festival. The programme of PÖFF Online only partly corresponds to the programmes screened at the cinemas. Updated information will be available in the second half of the Festival.

Use Certific’s application

In order to make a visit to the cinema as safe as possible, medical technology company Certific offers coronavirus testing via Certific’s phone app for a discount price of 9 euros using the code ‘PÖFF25’. You can do this beforehand at home and thus will not get an unpleasant surprise at the cinema. You can buy the test on Certific’s homepage and it will be delivered to your chosen Itella parcel machine on the following working day. Certific’s app instructs you on how to do the test correctly and you will receive the result to your phone along with a QR code. The test result is valid for 48 hours.

Businext Estonian testing at Nordic Hotel Forum
In addition to the home audience, PÖFF receives many foreign guests from all over Europe and beyond. To ensure the safety of the festival and our guests, all guests are either vaccinated or have proof of coronavirus transmission. We have also decided to test foreign guests after their arrival at the festival. Testing is performed by our partner Businext Eesti OÜ at Nordic Hotel Forum.

What will happen to your ticket if the screening or the Festival is cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus?

Let us all do our very best to ensure that the 25th PÖFF is as great and safe as it has been in previous years!

PÖFF Online Cinema will take place after the Festival and its programme only partly corresponds to the programmes screened at the cinema. Updated information will be available in the second half of the Festival.