Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival | PÖFF welcomes you in Cannes

PÖFF and Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event participate in Marché du Film - the film business top event of the year. In the heart of world's most prestigious film festival - Festival de Cannes, PÖFF is going to present promising film works in progress, attend networking events and discover today's new rising talents.

Check out our plans and let's catch up!

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Tallinn Black Nights Goes to Cannes

Tallinn Black Nights Goes to Cannes showcase will be held on Saturday 20 May 2023 from 14:15 – 16:15 (Palais K, Palais des Festivals).

The Goes to Cannes program offers film festivals the possibility to showcase their selection of original work-in-progress titles looking for sales agents, distributors or festival selection. PÖFF is the proud partner of Goes to Cannes for 3rd year in a row, presenting 5 titles to the global film industry.

The curator, Triin Tramberg said: "This selection is becoming more like the face of our Works In Progress in November. Presenting fresh regional and international titles together with projects that participated in our market during the development phase, we feel there is something for each taste."

Check out the showcase trailer!

The five lucky titles are:


Directed by: Antonio Sequeira

Produced by: Joana Domingues, Steven Flynn (Caracol Studios Kurious Studios)

Country of production: Portugal, United Kingdom

A small town Portuguese family have to confront their new life and some uncomfortable truths after their son leaves to London for university. As he returns home at the end of each trimester for the school breaks (Winter, Spring, Autumn) he discovers that he is not the only one going through changes.




Directed by: Facundo Escudero Salinas

Produced by: Nicolás Münzel Camaño (Pensilvania Films)

Country of production: Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Germany

A police woman returns with her daughter to her hometown, from which she always wanted to escape in the Patagonia, to take care of her dying mother. The murder of an old friend’s daughter will keep her in that place longer than expected. She will try to solve a case that seems to matter to no one.



Five and Half Love Stories in an apartment in Vilnius

Directed by: Tomas Vengris

Produced by: Uljana Kim, Alicia Ní Ghráinne, Roberts Vinovskis + Studio Uljana Kim / Tiger Darling Productions / Studio Locomotive

Country of production: Lithuania, Ireland, Latvia

Five guests experience a crisis of love in an AirBnB in Vilnius; unaware of the stories that have transpired within the same walls and under the same bedsheets. Between each, the quiet cleaning lady, Jolanta, arrives to clean away the debris, while her own silent love story unfolds.


Five and Half Love Stories in an apartment in Vilnius

One-dimensional man

Directed by: Andres Puustusmaa

Produced by: Katerina Monastyrskaya, Roberts Vinovskis (Leo Films, Studio Locomotive)

Country of production: Estonia, Latvia

Raul was raised in a violent and pathological attitude, blindly driven by communist ideology. Driven by his jealousy of his wife and her bohemian lifestyle, Viktor, being a high ranking KGB officer, stated her as a predator against the Soviet nation, and one early morning she is taken by KGB agents.


One-Dimensional Man

Two Sisters
Directed by: Lukasz Karwowski

Produced by: Nadia Korotushka, Anastasiia Lodkina, Serg Demidov + FILM.UA Group, Ukraine, ZOOM MEDIA, Poland

Country of production: Ukraine, Poland

A road movie about two Sisters – Polish and Ukrainian who set off from Poland to Ukraine to get their wounded father back home. They travel by car, hitchhike, on foot through destroyed Ukraine, while avoiding getting raped by Russians.


Two Sisters

Fantastic Black Nights at Fantastic 7

The Fantastic 7 showcase will be held on Sunday 21 May 12:00-13:50 at Palais K, Palais des Festivals.

For the first time at Marché du Film, PÖFF participates in Fantastic 7 – an initiative connecting seven top-notch genre
film festivals.
Each festival presents one project from their industry programme in the fantasy genre.
PÖFF showcases Restore Point, a Czech film by directed by Robert Hloz and produced by Jan Kallista. The project was showcased in the Co-Production Market in 2017 and won the Screen International Best Pitch Award.
The film is a science fiction murder story taking place in the near-future of Europe.

Check out the showcase trailer!

See the booklet here!

Festivals HUB

PÖFF participates in an exclusive program and venue designed specifically to welcome and connect festival and market directors, programmers & industry leaders. Festivals Hub helps these professionals share ideas, expand their network, and create synergies with one another while emphasizing the festival’s role in the audiovisual industry.

The program runs from the 16th until the 24th of May - and the key date is the 24th of May when the Festivals Hub Mixer takes place.

Our team at Cannes:

The core team

Tiina Lokk

Festival Director, Programme Director


Cannes dates: 14.05-24.05

Mikk Granström

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival CEO, Programmer

Children's and Youth Film Festival Just Film Programme Director


Cannes dates: 17.05-21.05

Marge Liiske

Head of Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event


Cannes dates: 16.05-26.05

Triin Tramberg

Managing Director Discovery Campus

First Feature Competition programmer

Works in Progress & Script Pool project competition manager


Cannes dates: 15.05-22.05

Eliisa Pass

Head of International Press and Communications


Cannes dates: 17.05-24.05

Sigrid Saaremets

Head of Guest Department


Cannes dates: 21.05-28.05

Simona Stenberg

Programme coordinator


Cannes dates: 17.05-28.05


Edvinas Pukšta
Cannes dates: 14.05-28.05

Nikolaj Nikitin
Cannes dates: 15.05-28.05

Javier Garcia Puerto
Cannes dates: 14.05-28.05

Malaika Bova
Cannes dates: 15.05-28.05

Giovanna Fulvi
Cannes dates: 15.05-28.05

Dorota Lech
Cannes dates: 15.05-28.05

Intishal Al-Timimi
Cannes dates: 15.05-28.05

Christoph Gröner
Cannes dates: 15.05-28.05