PÖFF : 2021 : BNFF
Festival pass sales begin, with innovative safety measures announced

Black Nights Film Festival has launched it passes earlier than usual and is adopting the most modern solutions - developed right here in Estonia - for ensuring infection safety and coronavirus testing. There are exactly two months until the start of the festival.

According to Mikk Granström, CEO of PÖFF, the earlier pass sale provides an opportunity to catch the wave of the festival early and remind our audience that it is high time to get vaccinated.

PÖFF passes with 10, 25 and 40 tickets are on sale, as well as supporter and patron passports with unlimited access. A 10-ticket pass costs 60 euros, a 25-ticket passport dedicated to PÖFF's 25th birthday 125 euros and a 40-ticket passport 160 euros. The price of a supporter passport is 200 euros and the price of a patron's passport is 500 euros. It is possible to request two tickets for each screening. A 10-ticket pass for the youth and children's film festival Just Film, which costs 45 euros, is on sale separately.

Passes can be purchased on the festival website.
Runing this year, from November 12–28, PÖFF will pay special attention to infection safety, introducing, in addition to the usual measures, the most modern virus prevention and control aids developed in Estonia.

The possibility of rapid testing will be offered to PÖFF visitors at a discounted price of 9 euros by the medical technology start-up company Certific, whose innovative telephone application makes it possible to test yourself without leaving your home. The video test proves the person who took the test, the correct performance of the test and the result. In case of a negative test result, the ticket holder will receive a 48-hour QR code on the phone, which guarantees admission to the festival. This innovative solution was developed in Estonia, though mainly used in the UK. PÖFF is the first large cultural event in Estonia to use the system.

“So far as on-site testing at the entrance has been used for events in Estonia, so we are glad that we can offer PÖFF's domestic and international audience a much easier and more convenient way of testing at home. In this way, the festival team does not have to set up separate testing points, and film enthusiasts do not have to stand in the test queue before the screenings,” said Liis Narusk, CEO of Certific.

Technology company Respiray will supply PÖFF with portable air purifiers that disinfect air with UV light and kill 99% of viruses and bacteria. They will be worn by the festival staff who come into contact with guests and cinema-goers, and will also be used at the Industry@Tallinn & Baltic Event industry summit, which takes place in the most corona-safe hotel in Estonia, the Nordic Hotel Forum.

Estonian researchers have also created the BioBlock nasal spray with antibodies against SARS-CoV-2, which has already been very well received by the audience of the PÖFF satellite festivals Tartuff and HÕFF. Now PÖFF visitors can also buy these nasal sprays for a discounted price, upon presentation of a film ticket

"I am proud that PÖFF, which is always focused on innovative solutions, collaborates with Estonian researchers and entrepreneurs and can present their innovations both in Estonia and elsewhere in the world," said festival director Tiina Lokk.
Sales of PÖFF's first programs and Just Film individual tickets will begin in mid-October. The whole program will be announced on November 5.

According to the current rules, only those who provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination, passage or a negative test result will have access to PÖFF screenings and events.

The Black Nights Film Festival celebrates its 25th birthday this year.

Find out more and buy a pass here.