Digital Cinema Lab services

The team at the Black Nights Film Festival’s Digital Cinema Lab has extensive experience and ensures the technical quality of every film that screens at our main and side festivals. We offer a complete service of finalizing films, which includes the creation of cinema files (DCP), quality control, translation and subtitling work, KDM key generation and other additional services.

Our goal is to make the nerve-wracking finalizing process convenient, saving both time and money for film industry professionals. In our hands, every film gets a high-quality output format, you do not have to worry about technical issues, and we can create a solution that suits you, taking into account the individual requirements of the project.

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Digital Cinema Lab services

DCP (Digital Cinema Package) solutions
DCP mastering from the source material
KDM/DKDM - everything about protecting the DCP with a key
Adding subtitles to DCP
DCP archiving
Distribution of DCP (within Estonia or internationally)
DCP Technical Support

Subtitling films
Timing subtitles
Creating bilingual subtitles

Editing room rent
Intel i9-based workstation
Genelec 5.1 sound system
Server for large projects

Editing services
Experienced editor

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