World premiere

The Fisherman's Daughter

Local title
Kaluri tütar
Original title
La estrategia del mero
Edgar de Luque Jácome
Colombia, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Dominican Republic
27th Black Nights Film Festival
First Feature Competition
child-parent relationships

Samuel lives on an isolated island somewhere in the Caribbean as part of a group of fishermen who free-dive to catch their prey – an art that is slowly dying out due to everyone moving to the mainland to follow their dreams. One day, Samuel receives an unexpected visit from Priscila, his daughter whom he disgraces due to her life choices. As she resurfaces so unexpectedly it is clear she is looking for a place to hide. Samuel initially rejects Priscila but eventually allows her to stay. The fishermen watch everything with suspicion. After an accident, Samuel must accept the care of his daughter, which creates tension at first but surprisingly brings them closer together, especially when one of the fishermen extorts Priscila because he knows why she returned.

The film doesn’t feature your average father and daughter and shows there are no limits to love when it comes to children. This is a story of second chances – while we can’t change what happened in the past, we can focus on the future and create a new foundation. This is a visually mesmerizing, colourful, and dreamy journey. While we not only dive into the crystal-clear Caribbean Sea, but we are also immersed in a beautiful story of family relations, diversity, acceptance, and love.

Triin Tramberg

Edgar de Luque Jácome
Edgar de Luque Jácome
Nathalia Rincón, Roamir Pineda, Henry Barrios, Jesús Romero, Modesto Lacén, Roosevelt González, Carlos Hernández
Jorge Andrés Botero, Annabelle Mullen Pacheco, Rodrigo Letier, Tatiana Leite, Elsa Turull de Alma
Rafael González
Karen Akerman, Ricardo Pretti
Séptima Films, Belle Films, Kromaki, Bubbles Project, Larimar Films
Estonian, English
Edgar de Luque Jácome

Edgar de Luque Jácome studied Film at the Universidad del Magdalena. His short film “Sin Regreso” (2007) was selected for the festivals of Biarritz and Santiago. He received a Master’s in Communications from the Universidad del Norte and was an assistant director in films such as “Pink Noise” by Roberto Flores and “Ella” by Libia S. Gómez. He has won the FDC's screenwriting stimulus with three of his screenplays. He has been a professor at the Universidad del Magdalena for several years. “The Fisherman’s Daughter” is his first feature film.

La estrategia del mero (The Fisherman’s Daughter, 2023)


2nd Hall Apollo Kino Coca-Cola Plaza
Screening140201 / Kaluri tütar
SubtitlesEnglish, Estonian
Q&A guestsEdgar de Luque Jácome (Director, Screenwriter), Rodrigo Letier (Producer), Jorge Andrés Botero (Producer), Tatiana Leite (Producer), Elsa Turull De Alma (Producer)
Q&A duration
Screening duration
4th Hall Apollo Kino Solaris
Screening151403 / Kaluri tütar
SubtitlesEnglish, Estonian
Screening duration
3rd Hall Apollo Kino Lõunakeskus, Tartu
Screening154302 / Kaluri tütar
SubtitlesEnglish, Estonian
Screening duration
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