Votemo - share emotions!

The reason why our hearts belong to film and cinema is simple - it offers an infinite amount and variation of emotions, turning every movie screening into an experience that leaves a unique mark on each viewer.

Film plays with our heartstrings, cranks up the tension, sooths us with sweet humor, makes us wince, shakes off tears, makes us impatient and angry, or rather conciliatory and understanding. There is no feeling that cinema does not touch, and it creates a unique and multifaceted work from each film, which stays with the viewer in different ways.

We invite you not only to watch movies, but to experience them! By opening the film page (alter you have found the film here), in the lower right corner, click the button "Ela kaasa!" pop-up window, you have the opportunity to share your honest opinion about the films you watched, which will help determine this year's PÖFF audience award. Your contribution is extremely important, because in this category the judge is only the audience in the cinema and that is you.

We value your time and opinion - it's really important to us! From all the voters, we will draw prizes from our wonderful partners!

Two cases of drinks by Punch
MyFitness - 30-day card, body analysis, sports bag and towel