Co-funded by the European Union

Project No. 2014-2020.5.01.22-2968

The international activities of the Black Nights Film Festival to promote Estonia as an attractive tourist destination are co-funded by the European Union (234 954,30 euros over three years 2023-2025).


The goal of the project is to increase Estonia's reputation internationally, including increasing the sustainability of the festival and thereby bringing more economic income to Estonia, primarily by increasing the number of overnight stays by foreign guests, which is accompanied by an increase in the income of Tallinn's service sector companies. Introducing Estonia as a cultural travel destination is also an important aspect. Obtaining this grant is of decisive importance in terms of maintaining and hopefully increasing the international visibility of the festival, because a large part of the international press that participates in PÖFF has gone through the funds of this measure. The same applies to the improvement of the quality of the PÖFF program - thanks to the increased visibility in the media of the international film industry through support, the number of films nominated for the PÖFF has grown rapidly in the coming years, which has also been reflected in the ever-increasing support of film critics for the festival program.

The festival’s goals for the new application round are the following: