My Son

Название на эстонском языке
Minu poeg
Название на английском языке
My Son
Оригинальное название
Mein Sohn
Lena Stahl
Goethe-Institut Presents: New German Cinema, Свежие веяния
драма, роуд-муви
Ключевые слова
семейные отношения, болезнь, поиск себя, поддержка, приключения, путешествие

When Marlene’s daredevil son Jason suffers a serious skating accident, it’s a turning point in her life. He still feels invincible, but the severity of Jason’s injuries means that only a special clinic in Switzerland can help. Marlene wants to protect her son by any means necessary and decides to drive him all the way there from Berlin. While she has a clear route in mind, Jason does everything he can to convince his mother that life is mostly about detours.

With amazing chemistry between main actors Anke Engelke and Jonas Dassler, mother and son struggle for closeness and distance, freedom and overcoming the past in this outstanding road movie.

Lena Stahl
Lena Stahl
В ролях
Anke Engelke, Jonas Dassler, Hannah Herzsprung, Karsten Antonio Mielke, Max Hopp
Miriam Düssel
Friede Clausz
Barbara Gies
Angela Aux, Cico Beck, Nicolas Sierig
Akzente Film & Fernsehproduktion GmbH
World sales
Beta Cinema
Эстонский, Английский
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Lena Stahl

Lena Stahl (snd 1979) started her career in Scandinavia. She studied at the European Film College in Denmark followed by various jobs in the film and TV industry in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. In 2005 she started studying direction and screenwriting at the University of Television and Film (HFF) in Munich. Her graduation film Alle Tage Meines Lebens was nominated for the prestigious Max Ophüls Award and was screened at numerous international film festivals. After winning the Pro7/Sat1 Mainstream Award for her screenplay Blackout, she focused primarily on screenwriting. She has written various screenplays for film and television, collaborating with many different production companies, including X Filme Creative Pool (Babylon Berlin), Akzente Film (The Silent Revolution) and Warner Bros. Germany. In 2020 she was one of the seven screenwriters selected for the eQuinoxe Europe Intl. Screenwriter Workshop with her feature film project The Leap of the Foals. Lena Stahl lives in Berlin and is currently working on her own TV show and a second feature with Warner Bros. Germany. Her feature film directorial debut Mein Sohn will be brought to the big screen by Warner Bros. Germany in 2021.

Annas Garten (2008), Mein Sohn (My Son, 2021)

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