DAY #2 at Black Nights: burying a dog and disco-dancing in a cult.

Weekend. The whole family’s home. Friends are messaging you, eager to make plans. Not to despair! We have the right entertainment for even the smallest curious minds and the most demanding intellectual friends. Why not take the family to see one of the award-winning children’s films playing this morning, accompany your teenage kid to a film about a subject that moves them or even better: take your conservative grandma out to see a sweet LGBT-film on two older ladies in love!  

16:30 Vivere, Artis Cinema 1
An Italian film that’s named ‘to live’, means we can expect some good Roman drama, comedy, and chaos. At the center of it all, is, of course, a warm home.

Susi and Luca live with their young daughter and Luca’s 17-year old son. When the new au-pair captures the hearts of both Luca and his son, the family is confronted with the question of what it truly means to live life to the fullest.

18:45 Two of Us, Artis Cinema 1
Rarely do LGBT films focus on characters over 40, the French “Two of Us” is a wonderful and heart-warming exception.

As with many LGBT-films – and we sadly cannot say this is not rooted in reality – the main characters have had to keep their romance a secret. While the outside world thinks that Nina and Madeline are just good neighbors, in reality, they have been a couple for many decades. Until an unexpected event brings tensions…

20:30 Verdict, Apollo Solaris Cinema 5
This first feature film by the Filipin Raymund Ribay Gutierrez was made under artistic guidance by fellow Filipino, cinematic master Brillante Mendoza. Verdict takes a critical look at the Filipin bureaucratic and patriarchal court system when it comes to solving a domestic violence case.

When Dante drunkenly beats up his wife Joy and their six-year-old daughter, we become witness to a documentary-like investigation of the proceedings.

21:15 Nobadi, Apollo Solaris Cinema 4
A grumpy old man from Vienna is hiring an Afghani immigrant to bury his dead dog. Yes, you read it right: you’re in for a true one-of-a-kind tale of questionable morals and pitch-black Austrian humor.

The third directorial work of internationally renowned actor Karl Markovics lays bare power relations and chauvinism in an original plot, which is greatly supported by the performances of both Heinz Trixner as 91-year-old-Robert and Borhanulddin Hassan Zadeh as Afghani Adib.

21:30 Disco, Apollo Solaris Cinema 2
This is not a film about clubbing. Disco tells the story of a girl from a religious congregation, who also happens to be the world champion in disco freestyle dancing.

When Mirjam collapses on stage one day, she begins to question her faith. In her frustration and search for answers, she is drawn to an even more strict religious group and decides to join their summer camp secretly.

A thrilling film by the Norwegian director Jorunn Myklebust Syversen, who takes a deep interest in religious extremism and cult-like symptoms in her work.

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