The final day of Black Nights: this is what you should still see!

On this final Sunday, we still have enough beautiful films for you in-store. The awards have been handed out and who knows; you might be able to grab a ticket to see one of the winners!

Enjoy your lazy Sunday with a cup of coffee and these cinematic delicacies on the side:

12:30 Bombay Rose, Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 6
Both Salim’s and Kamala’s paths in life have separately gone through different ways and end up in the city of Bombay, where they sell flowers from across the busy road from each other, when one day they notice one-another and fall in love. The city of Bombay on the other hand doesn’t have much mercy on them or their love.

17:00 Radius – Trijya, Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 4
In an age where, being oblivious to your true self has increasingly become a reality for many, such a path to self-discovery can lead to feelings of loneliness, confusion, fear and doubt.

Artistically inclined villager Avdhut Kale struggles to find his place in the metropolis of Pune. Working as a reporter for the local newspaper, he is stuck with helping his colleague write the horoscope section or trying to meet the demands of his editor who wants to publish factual but sensational news.

19:30 Furtive, Sõprus Cinema
After an unknown issue in his previous position, a forest ranger Pablo Silva tries to remake his life in his next destination, a forgotten and conflictive place where not many want to go: Pereyra Park. After some quiet days of settling at his new site and establishing boundaries with his new colleagues he starts to glimpse a net of illegal hunters, hidden traffic and hoax. Once he keeps digging he realizes the ‘old’ Pablo could also rise again.

21:00 After Midnight, Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 9
Hank’s (Jeremy Gardner) wife one day walks out of the door and never comes back. Over time, a mystical monster starts paying him night-time visits instead of his wife. Hank tries to keep the monster away from the house by force, but no one apart from him believes the demon really exists. Is the monster actually real or is Hank quietly starting to lose his mind?

21:00 Looted, Artis Cinema 1
Rob spends his days stealing cars with his gang in a town on the English coast. It’s a life living outside the law, one of thrilling abandon and excess. But when he returns to his home every night, Rob’s life changes. Faced with a terminally ill father, Rob’s hedonistic activities are pushed aside for a façade of respectability. Becoming increasingly tested by web of lies he’s creating, Rob’s two worlds soon threaten to collide as the looming threat of him taking part in a clandestine raid at the local docks – a place with special significance for his father – becomes ever more apparent.

22:15 Pelican Blood, Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 8
Wiebke lives together with her nine-year-old adoptive daughter Nicolina on in idyllic horse farm. She gets the chance to adopt another girl, 5-year-old Raya, to provide Nicolina with the longed-for sister. After harmonious first weeks, Wiebke realizes that Raya, initially shy and charming, is becoming increasingly aggressive and poses a danger to herself and others. The mother will soon have to cross borders and take extreme decisions to protect her cubs. Katrin Gebbe explores the idea of motherhood with her fearless star Nina Hoss and dives deep into the realm of drama bordering on horror.

16:30 Despite the Fog, Artis Cinema 2
Paolo, manager of a restaurant in a small town in the province of Rome, is returning home after work on a rainy evening. Along the way he sees an eight-year-old child huddled in the cold at a bus stop and decides to take him home.

The child is called Mohammed and is a refugee, abandoned, who lost his parents during the trip to Italy on a rubber boat.







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