Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival and Fotografiska Tallinn present a film stills masterclass

Tallinn Black Nights and the Tallinn branch of the Fotografiska photography museum have joined forces to present Still Meets Film, a film stills masterclass with internationally renowned photographers Kris Dewitte and Fabrizio Maltese.

As photography taken on the set of a film is considered a separate branch of the photo industry, Fotografiska Tallinn is introducing a day of masterclasses with world-renowned professionals Kris Dewitte and Fabrizio Maltese showing best practices to open up the how and what, and tell the stories behind the frozen moments of film. The second part of the day will involve a discussion between the two masters moderated by the Estonian film critic and journalist Karlo Funk. The masterclasses are targeted towards professionals as well as photo enthusiasts and students of photography and film.

“Éternité” still, author Kris Dewitte

Photographer Kris Dewitte has had a love for cinema from an early age and has built himself a solid reputation within the international film scene. He has also been doing portraits of people in film, working on over a 100 film productions as a stills photographer.

Dewitte’s works include portraits of renowned actors, directors and producers on the sets of the movies they have been involved in. These include: Johnny Depp, David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino, Morgan Freeman, Charlize Theron, Jack Nicholson, Peter Jackson, Martin Scorsese, Halle Berry, Matt Damon and many more.

Author: Fabrizio Maltese

Fabrizio Maltese is a European freelance photographer and documentary filmmaker. He works often on location and travels to the world’s major film festivals, including Cannes, Berlin, Venice and Toronto – to portray actors and directors for magazines and newspapers from around the globe.

Maltese has photographed names such as Nicolas Cage, Quentin Tarantino, Uma Thurman, John Travolta, Benedict Cumberbatch and many more. He’s the only photographer to have won the Venice Movie Stars Photography Award twice – in 2005 for a portrait of Isabelle Huppert and again in 2012 for a portrait of Nicolas Cage.

He is attending Black Nights as a jury member of the Official Selection Competition and his latest documentary film California Dreaming screens at the festival this Sunday. The film introduces California City – a ghost town in the Mojave desert that was striving to become the next Los Angeles.

Masterclass “Still meets film”

Location: Fografiska Tallinn
Time: 23 November 13:00-17:30
Participation fee: regular ticket: 30 €, student ticket: 15 €
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Author: Fabrizio Maltese

Author of the cover photo: Kris Dewitte






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