Rejects & Revelations: a roadmap to the hidden treasures in our program

We know. A film festival’s program can be overwhelming. Hundreds of films; stories from faraway places or rarities from nearby, official award selections, classics, new works by cinematic masters. You might just end up not being able to pick any one film or just seeing what your friends see. But a great beauty of the film festival lies exactly in the opposite: being able to discover something that you might have otherwise never seen. To help you a bit on your path to discovering your own gems, we give a few tips for – maybe a bit unexpected – places to look.

Take your inner child to the movies
Don’t have children or feel like finally having some me-time in the dark of the cinema? Just take your inner child! Our children’s and youth program Just Film is the biggest in its kind in Northern Europe.
Many people will agree: we don’t only teach kids, kids also teach us. How to be playful, say what’s on your mind or see the world anew. Films made for youngsters can be surprising in the lighthearted but honest way they talk about very universal subjects like friendship, love or our need for adventure.

The Ship

A perfect example is Pablo Cruz-Guerrero’s film The Ship, based on a true story it discusses a very present theme in many of our lives: finding meaning. The main character, radio host Miguel, is disillusioned with life and doesn’t see the point in doing the things he does. Until a young boy and his wish bring a radical change.

Or go see the inspiring documentary Watson, about a man who’s half pirate, half activist and also one of the founders of Greenpeace: Paul Watson. A journey that takes you to the depths of the sea and the depths of your own soul, questioning what will happen if we remain ignorant towards the faith of our natural surroundings.

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Eleanor Roosevelt said: ‘Learn from the mistakes of others, you can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.’ Without wanting to call the shorts that have been rejected for our festival mistakes per se, it is true that sometimes it is much more interesting and inspiring to see something that’s not perfect yet, rather than something immaculate. In our special PӦFF Shorts side program Rejected Shorts Picture Show we will showcase some of the most remarkable rejects that filmmakers themselves have submitted to us. A far more courageous outing than showing your best work, if you ask us! So hurry to the cinema, applaud these filmmakers’ bravery and celebrate being human and making mistakes – and learning from them. Get tickets

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