PÖFF Party

Yes sir, we can boogie! PÖFF Party will take place at the main hall of Fotografiska on 22 November, when the doors swing open to an eventful dance night. Come and swing your tail with other PÖFF Wolves!

Lindstrøm (Feedelity Recordings, Oslo) – LIVE

Raised on country and western music in the outskirts of the Norwegian oil town Stavanger, Lindstrom now lives in Oslo where he is making contemporary disco and running his Feedelity label. Claiming that “Hans-Peter Lindstrom is closing in on Henrik Ibsen and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as being Norway’s poster boy of choice” (quoting an article on Piccadilly Records website) is obviously quite an overstatement, but nonetheless his original approach to dance music is currently causing quite a stir.

Local support:

  • Madis Nestor (Biit Me, Raadio 2)
  • Susanna Raiend (Nothing But Net, IDA)
  • Taavi-Peeter Liiv (Nothing But Net, IDA)
  • VJ- Mikk Mägi (BOP)


23-00:00 / 8 € /
00:00 – ….. / 10 € /

First 100 guests will have surprise presented by Nudist Drinks, there will also be a special bar by Saku. Check out the part on Facebook here!

Order a Uber to get home from the party! 

As a guest of the Festival afterparty, you can use a special UBER discount code which will give you a 20% discount from your ride! What do you have to do to use the discount?

  • open the Uber app as you are about to leave the party
  • enter the discount code before you order
  • to do this, choose ‘Means of payment’ from the menu and add the promotion code given to you by the volunteers in the cloakroom
  • order a Uber and go wherever you wish to go.

The promotion code is only valid once and only on the day of the party on 22 to 23 November until 05:00 and only upon starting/ending your ride at the PÖFF party at Fotografiska

This year’s PÖFFI PIDU is brought to you in collaboration with e-Residency.

Almost five years ago the first e-resident Edward Lucas gave the first digital signature. Now, when we have 61 000 e-residents, we would like to invite you to participate in the opening of the International e-Residency week, where we will be holding thank you events in nearly twenty different countries.

This is also an introduction to 2020, the year of digital culture under which the e-Residency festival will take place on the last weekend of May, bringing together e-residents and Estonians.






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