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Pepe´s Bistro and Social Club

Pepe's Bistro and Social Club is a popular lifestyle restaurant guaranteed to make you forget your worries as soon as you walk through the doors. Located in the Old Town district of Tartu, its the latest addition to the city's restaurant offerings. Focusing on all things simple yet remarkable, the menu fuses together elements of world cuisine with the local and foreign aspects meeting in thoughtfully prepared dishes. The bistro menu is inspired by comfort food with an Italian-American twist and is the only place in town where you can enjoy the experience of the quintessentially Italian aperitivo culture.

How to describe the food? Put simply, it is everything you would reward yourself with on a daily basis. To take the experience even further, pair your dish of choice with wine, spirits, and cocktails from the restaurant's carefully designed bar. Pepe's Bistro passion is soul food.

Ülikooli 7, Tartu



FB: PepesBistro

IG: Pepes_Socialclub