PÖFF : 2021 : BNFF

Actress Evelin Võigemast recommends

My first impressions of Lore… Freezing autumn wind was howling outside by the sea. A wind that wants to tear your ears off, blows deep into your bones and keeps freezing you inside. And then you open a big heavy door into Lore Bistroo, to a magical world. The warmth in the exquisite moss green fireplace as well as in people’s eyes. The kindness with which you are taken to your table and given recommendations to make sense of the menu. The concept that food is for sharing you’re your dear ones. With your family, With your friends, With your close ones. Great for both a quick lunch and a shamelessly long Sunday lounge.

In the summer, the Noblessner quay where Lore is located is one of the main places to spend time in Tallinn. However, the true charm of the bistro is unveiled during the cold season. My personal favourites are the legendary tuna sashimi and the ethereally tasty fritted croissant. And the pizzas! And besides the usual creamy chicken pasta, children can also order a meatball soup. Go – to share and to be together!

Peetri 12

511 8613

FB: LoreBistroo