PÖFF : 2021 : BNFF
FLAMM Flammkuchen Bar

Flamm's loyal customer Jaak Prints recommends

FLAMM: is its own world. Like a movie. Time stops when I step through the door. But even before, already at the door, the smell of fresh-baked goods greets me. In a small place like this, the people are put in the forefront, both the hosts and their guests. I let the hosts take care of me and they do a brilliant job. They respect both the food and their guests. Was it the curious glance from the head chef, silently asking “How's the food?”
FLAMM: is a cosy place with a lot of soul. It's just big enough. Everything is made to shine the spotlight on it's main star – the tarte flambée is superb. Pure flavours, elegant form. The thoughtful selection of wine is in playful harmony with the eponymous hero.

I leave with a smile on my face. This was experience that I am already subconsciously planning to recreate. Let's meet at FLAMM:!

Rotermanni 2

5333 7154


FB: flammkuchenbar