October Special Screenings at Coca-Cola Plaza

In October, in anticipation of Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, there will be two special screenings of Tartuff films at Coca-Cola Plaza. The screenings will be introduced by PÖFF’s programme team who will present the programme of the 23rd Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.

Stupid Young Heart

  • 23 October 19:45 at Coca-Cola Plaza
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An edgy, warm, and raw drama about suburban teenagers who unexpectedly have to deal with grown up problems of pregnancy, while extreme right ideas begin to encroach on their multicultural neighbourhood. “Stupid Young Heart” is about the first love between the skinny and carefree Lenni and the gorgeous and popular Kiira. Not yet in a relationship, nor out of highschool, they discover that they are expecting a baby. Lenni has nine months to become a man. Having grown up without a father figure, Lenni finds longed-for adult attention and guidance from an unlikely friend Janne, a member of a right wing group that has recently moved into Lenni’s diverse neighbourhood. After taking part in a scrambled attack on a local Mosque, while Kiira is rushed to the hospital to give birth, Lenni realises that he must learn to be a man in his own way, even though he never had a chance to be a child himself.

Last August, at PÖFF’s Love Film Festival Tartuff, when the film first made its Estonian debut, it brought together an audience of around 2300 people, becoming one the most popular films at the festival.

At Berlinale Film Festival this year, one of the few A-list film festivals in the world, the work of Finnish director Selma Vilhunen won a Crystal Bear for The Best Film in the Youth Jury category. It is truly remarkable that the jury consists of 14-18 year-olds themselves. The film is also one of the most successful recent feature films in Finland, beginning its international distribution journey at the end of last year at Toronto Film Festival.

The Journey – A Story of Love

  • 30 October 19:45 at Coca-Cola Plaza
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The filmmaker Fanny Bräuning joins her parents on a journey to discover whether changes occur in love as they occur in life. ‘’The Journey – A Story of Love’’ is an homage to her parents – an intimate and sublime story about love and trust that can, at times, overcome the greatest of obstacles. At Tartuff, the film won an award for The Audience Favourite Film.






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