29th of NOVEMBER

Jun Robles Jana

“Kalel” director, Philippines
Guest on Friday, 29.11 at 18:00 @ Coca-Cola Plaza

Jun Robles Jana (b. 1972) graduated from the University of Santo Tomas with a degree in Communication Arts. He is the youngest Filipino to be inducted in the Palanca Literary Awards (Philippines' Pulitzer Prize) Hall of Fame. His first indie film "Bwakaw" won several international awards and was screened at Toronto, New York and Tokyo film festivals and was the Philippines’ Oscar entry for Best Foreign Film in 2012. "Kalel, 15" is his 18th full-length feature film.

Kunlin Wang

“Obscure” director, USA
Guest on Friday, 29.11 at 18:00 @ cinema Sõprus

Kunlin Wang holds an MFA in Film Directing from Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts and a BA in Communications Studies from the University of Nottingham. She was a student of Bela Tarr at the International Filmmaking Academy in 2017 and then worked for Tarr as his teaching assistant at the First International Film Festival's Training Camp in 2017 and 2018. Her first feature film "Obscure" (2019), a co-production of the USA and China, was nominated in the International New Talent Competition at the 2019 Taipei Film Festival and held its world premiere in Taipei this summer.

28th of NOVEMBER

Wanphrang Diengdoh

“Lorni The Flaneur” producer, India
Guest on Thursday, 28.11 at 18:00 @ Sõprus

Wanphrang K Diengdoh is an independent film maker and is the founder of red dur, a production space for films and music. His films, music videos and installation works reflect his interest in the culture and politics of the space he comes from. Wanphrang has also directed several music documentaries. He is one third of the politco-punk band Tarik and also engineers recordings and produces music for other musical acts.

27th of NOVEMBER

Reimo Sagor

“Scandinavian Silence” actor, Estonia
Guest on Wednesday, 27.11 at 21:15 @ Coca-Cola Plaza

Reimo Sagor is an Estonian actor at theatre Vanemuine. He has played in movies since 2012. Sagor underwent psychotherapy for the new film to understand the nature of his character and visited the prison to better understand the role.

Jurgis Matulevičius

“Isaac” producer, Lithuania, Poland
Guest on Wednesday, 27.11 at 17:45 @ cinema Sõprus

Jurgis Matulevičius is a director, screenwriter and editor form Vilnius, Lithuania. He graduated from the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy with a degree in film directing. “Isaac” is his first feature, where he avoids easy compromises and portrays the black & white past with occasional bursts of colours and energetic music. He imaginatively clashes painfully unpleasant Lithuanian history and fictitious tales about filmmaking dreams, deeply hidden secrets, propaganda censorship, fears of prosecution.

Dathaí Keane

“Finky” director, Ireland
Guest on Wednesday, 27.11 at 20.30 @ cinema Sõprus

Dathai Keane began his career as an editor and worked for over a decade doing projects for both TV and film. His first projects as writer and director were documentaries and he has written and directed a number of award-winning documentary series for Irish television. Dathaí was awarded the IFTA for Best Director Drama at the 2017 Irish and Film Television Awards for his work on the second season of "An Klondike". “Finky” is his first feature film. The film was funded by Screen Ireland and premiered at the Galway Film Fleadh in 2019 where it won the award for Best Cinematography.

Milcho Manchevski

“Willow” director, screenwriter, co-producer
Guest on Wednesday, 27.11 at 17.45 @ Coca-Cola Plaza

Milcho Manchevski (born 1959) is a New York-based Macedonian-born film director, writer, photographer and artist. He has lived in the USA since 1985. He studied film and first worked as a cinematographer before beginning to direct his own documentary films. His feature film debut “Before the Rain” (1994) won 30 awards from film festivals around the world and was the first Macedonian film to be nominated for an Academy Award. The New York Times included it in its “Guide to the Best 1,000 Films Ever Made” list. He has made over 50 short form films. His music video for Arrested Development's song "Tennessee" won MTV and Billboard music video awards. He currently teaches directing in New York.

Alon Gur Arye

"Mossad" director, Israel
Guest on Wednesday, 27.11 at 21.00 @ cinema Artis
Alon has directed and wrote a variety of short comedies for TV and children shows, composed music for films and theaters. "Mossad" is Alon's first feature and the biggest dream come true.

Algimantas Puipa

“Other Side of Silence” Director, Lithuania
Guest on Wednesday, 27.11 at 18:45 @ Coca-Cola Plaza

Algimantas Puipa is a film director and screenwriter. Puipa graduated from All-Union State Institute of Cinematography located in Moscow in 1974. He directed his first feature film alongside Stasys Motiejūnas the following year. Puipas’s first successful film was “Devil's Seed” (1979) which won the Soviet Film Festival Prize for the realistic portrayal of the rural life in the early twentieth century. Puipa specializes in drama films. With more than 70,000 admissions, his directed film “Whisper of Sin” (2007) was a great success in Lithuania; other successful films include “Elze's Life” (2000) and “Forest of the Gods” (2005).

Fatos Berisha

“The Flying Circus” Director, Kosovo
Guest on Wednesday, 27.11 at 20:45 @ Coca-Cola Plaza

Fatos Berisha is a film, television and theatre director educated in the Faculty of Arts in the University of Prishtina. He has worked on many projects in theatre, television and film, including directing Kosovar TV series “Familja Moderne” which was one of the most famous and adored TV series in Kosovo during the period 2002–2009. Berisha also co-founded a theatre company named “Urban Theatre of Prishtina”. Since 2011 he is a member of European Film Academy. Following “Tensioni i larte” (2007), “The Flying Circus” is Berisha's second full-length feature film.






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