Join us virtually to discuss the films of #PÖFF23

For the 23rd edition, the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival has teamed up with software developing company Vialog to test an audience engagement application on the festival’s website, creating a unique channel for the audience to communicate with filmmakers directly.

Becoming the first A-category festival to test this kind of technology in full scope, Black Nights has worked with Vialog to integrate Virtual Q&As on the film pages of the festival website. When you go to any of the film’s website you will see this window:

This enables anyone to leave video comments and ask questions. There is no need to download any app, all website visitors on the film pages of Black Nights can use their laptop webcams or mobile phone cameras. This creates a niche platform for dialogue between the filmmakers, the audience and anyone else interested in joining the discussion.

The new solution is expected to provide a broader chance for focussed communication inside the film community as it will also enable guests who have already left the festival or those who didn’t have chance to take part of the Q&A to have their voice heard by answering questions and comments and to set an ongoing discussion between filmmakers and their audiences. 

It will also provide the festival valuable insight into the audience’s reactions and thoughts on each of the programme entries. Vialog can thus extend in space and time the video dialogue of a given film, helping it reach a growing and engaged audience.






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