How well do you know Ingmar Bergman, the Writer?

Everybody knows of Ingmar Bergman The Filmmaker. Far less is known of the writing stage of his processes – even though his extensive and rich writing included screenplays, novels, short stories, theatre plays, autobiographies, articles and essays, not to forget diaries, letters, and notes scribbled on walls and furniture. A large part of this material was published in Sweden during the centenary of the director’s birth. Bergman researcher Christo Burman, Ph.D., was part of the editorial board of Bergman’s Writings, and offers us glimpses into Bergman’s creative process.

Monday, 4th of March, 5pm until 8pm in the Supernova screening room of the Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School.

Ticket 10€, free of charge for BFM staff and students.

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