Guest: Marina Gumzi, producer


Stories From the Chestnut Woods

Kastanimetsade lood
Zgodbe iz kostanjevih gozdov

First Feature Competition

Slovenia, Italy
2019, 81 min
Dir: Gregor Božič
Prod: Marina Gumzi
Scr: Marina Gumzi, Gregor Bozic
DoP: Ferran Paredes Rubio
Ed: Gregor Bozic, Benjamin Mirguet, Giuseppe Leonetti
Cast: Massimo De Francovich, Ivana Roscic
Production: NOSOROGI, Transmedia Production
World Sales: Cercamon
Language: Slovenian, Italian


Survival had a special meaning for the people living on the borders of re-formed Yugoslavia and Italy in the wake of World War II. Locals found themselves divided on the Iron Curtain. In one such location, Slavia-Veneta, along the Italian-Slovenian border, Stories From The Chestnut Woods are told.

In the forest lives Mario, the Stingy Carpenter. Stubborn in his old age, he’s known for his competitive nature and obsession with income. He fails to notice his wife's descent into illness, one among several missed opportunities to care for his loved ones. Mario tries to impart his wisdom to Marta, the Last Chestnut Seller, who is left to tend the groves after her husband's departure. In their simple surroundings, they share fond memories, transformed into imaginative tales.

A passion for pomology led director Gregor Bozic to harvest stories of the farmers who lived along these borders. Shot on 35mm and accompanied by a theremin score, Bozic captures the poetic impermanence of their joys and sorrow in this stunning debut, an homage to a lost place and time.

Dorota Lech


Gregor Božič (b. 1984) studied at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana and the DFFB in Berlin. He has directed the short films "Hey Ho, Comrades” (2007) and "Shoes from Trieste” (2014). "Stories From The Chestnut Woods” is his feature debut.






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