Guests: Elisa Mishto, director; Natalia Belitzki, cast


    Stay Still

    Liikuda liikumatult

    First Feature Competition

    2019, 90 min
    Dir: Elisa Mishto
    Prod: Martina Haubrich
    Scr: Elisa Mishto
    DoP: Francesco Di Giacomo
    Music: Sascha Ring
    Ed: Baetrice Babin, Cristiano Travaglioli
    Cast: Natalia Belitski, Luisa Céline Gaffron, Giuseppe Battiston, Martin Wuttke, Katharina Schüttler
    Production: CALA Filmproduktion GmbH
    World Sales: Intra Movies
    Language: German


    Smart and quick-witted Julie is in her mid-twenties. She marches to the beat of her own drum and has her own manifesto: do nothing. And with nothing, she really means nothing: no work, no studies, no friends. Agnes is a happy go lucky nurse of the same age. With a husband and a child, she is fitting into society's expectations without giving any great thought to the matter. Until, that is, she meets Julie. Together they start a rebellion that will bring them to the limits of their respective worlds.

    Casting Natalia Beletski as Julia and Luisa Céline Gaffron as Agnes is one of the shining dualities that Italian-born Elisa Mishto is aiming for throughout this is impressively crafted debut. Combining drama and break-free-comedy including tonal changes at its very heart, juxtaposing wonderfully written dialogue for the women and total silence for a character Italian actor Giuseppe Battiston is playing are other beautiful choices. Adding the music of Sascha Ring, internationally well known as electro-sensation Apparat, as well as band Lea Porcelain rounds up a wonderfully light and simultaneously existential trip that gives this coproduction an italian touch. And will have the viewers moved!

    "Stay Still" is the story of a generation with a poetic and witty undercurrent. Dangerous, but also very exciting.

    Christoph Gröner


    Elisa Mishto (b. 1978) graduated with honors from Goldsmiths University in London in 2008. She’s been making short films and documentaries since 2004. "Stay Still" is her first feature film as a director.






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