Guests: Zoltan Nagy, director; Gábor Osváth, producer


On the Quiet

Vaikne vaikus
Szép csendben

First Feature Competition

2019, 80 min

Dir: Zoltán Nagy
Prod: Gábor Osváth, László Dreissiger 
Scr: Zoltán Nagy, János Antal Horváth
DoP: Nándor Gulyás
Music: Péter Zombola
Ed: Anna Kornis
Cast: Major Erik, Máté Gábor, Bognár Lulu, Antóci Dorottya, Lengyel Benjámin
Production: Filmfabriq
World Sales: HNFF
Language: Hungarian


Zoltán Nagy made himself known already with his short film ‘Mildly Salty” which he made as his final thesis and which was declared the best Hungarian short film of the year. The main reason his shorts are highly recognised is the fact that he is able to create a film-like atmosphere. We shall also see this in his first full-length feature film which in addition to everything else uses beautiful music as an essential dramatic counterpoint.

Dávid is the first violinist, the soloist of a youth orchestra. Nóra is a cellist who has just joined the orchestra, several years younger than Dávid. The boy finds out that the orchestra’s 60-year-old conductor and music teacher is sexually harassing the insecure newcomer. Dávid wants to protect the girl, but it’s not at all easy, because the conductor is his mentor, almost a stepfather. And there is no direct evidence of harassment. Indeed, such things generally happen quietly. Even if any bystanders notice anything, they prefer not to talk about it.

The film touches on an important topic, but the authors do not tell the story in an unambiguous way. Zoltán and his fellow screenwriter János Antal Horváth have created a situation as life-like as possible. At the end of the film, every viewer will definitely have an opinion which may be entirely different from their neighbour: harassment was obvious, there was no harassment, or where there is smoke, there is fire.

Mihkel Möölman


Zoltán Nagy (b. 1988) first studied directing at Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, Romania, before getting accepted for his MA studies the University of Theatre and Film Arts of Budapest (SZFE). His short film "Switch" got accepted to several international film festivals, and the recently completed "Mildly Salty" is his graduation film. "On the Quiet" is his first feature film.






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