Guest: Bahman Tavoosi, director


The Names of the Flowers

Lillede nimed
Los Nombres de las Flores
First Feature Competition

Bolivia, Qatar, Canada
2019, 79 min
Dir: Bahman Tavoosi
Prod: Aonan Yang, Andreas Mendritzki
Scr: Bahman Tavoosi
DoP: Nicolas Taborga
Music: Matt.R.Sherman
Ed: Lucas Villegas
Cast: Jorge Hidalgo, Barbara Flores, Jose Luis Garibaldi Duran, Sergio Wilson Tapia Echalar
Language: Spanish


In Bolivian high plateau, an elderly countryside teacher has a quiet life but an extraordinary story to tell: she shared few words and gave a bowl of soup to a captured fighter in her classroom, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, few hours before his death. The government starts to prepare an important event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the guerrilla fighter’s death. Ready for a big celebration, many state representatives arrive to the area and soon some other woman steps forward claiming the story of “the soup and the flower” as their own.

Like a still life in motion we follow the steps of the former teacher and the quotidian path of a small community where apparently nothing happens, along the harsh skyline of untamed lane. Fascinated by the enchantment of the ‘secondary characters’ of History, Tavoosi depicts their stories with delicacy and attention to details, and thanks to a precious cinematography and a smooth camera gives the character an iconic presence as Che himself, surrounded by an amazing environment. Until the 'government' burst into to set its new rules, which dirves to the crash of the old tradition with the new life, the authentic with the changealble, bringing the potential twist of a steady reality. 

Under the story of the old lady, Tavoosi delivers a strong drama, a full visual and emotional experience for the audience, a multi-layered story about identity, survival and reasons to keep going, and unveils how reality  (and History) can become volatile, almost liquid (as times we are living).

Javier Garcia Puerto


Bahman Tavoosi began his career as a journalist and filmmaker at the age of 18 in Iran, in the capital city of Tehran. After making a few short films, Tavoosi moved to Canada where he directed the feature documentary "Dress Rehearsal for an Execution". The film received nominations and awards from more than 50 film festivals among them Hot Docs. "The Names Of The Flowers" is Tavoosi’s first feature fiction film and it’s a coproduction of Bolivia, US, Canada and Qatar.






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