Guests: Jure Pavlovic, director; Neva Rosic, cast




First Feature Competition
Croatia, Serbia, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2019, 93 min
Dir: Jure Pavlović
Prod: Bojan Kanjera, Jure Pavlovic, Biljana Tutorov
Scr: Jure Pavlovic
DoP: Jana Plecas
Ed: Dragan von Petrovic
Cast: Daria Lorenci, Neva Rosic, Vera Zima, Anka Vuckovic, Marijo Jurkovic
Production: Sekvenca
Language: Croatian, German


Croatian filmmaker Jure Pavlović is known for his short films that were screened and awarded in acclaimed film festivals while his latest, “Picnic” won the 2015 EFA for the Best European Short Film.

Jasna (Daria Lorenc-Flatz) returns from Germany to her Croatian hometown due to her mother’s, Anka (Neva Rošić), deteriorated health who suffers from a life-threatening cancer. Jasna aims to quickly take care of her hospitalization and then leave, but a sudden event will extend her stay since Anka, is now bedridden and immobile. As days pass, Jasna will find herself constrained in the place she once escaped forever from, her house, and with the person she has a toxic relationship with, her despotic mother. Facing the death’s proximity, Jasna has either to forgive or confront Anka for their haunted past.

Pavlović creates a compelling portrait of two women that have always been distanced, but must coexist, maybe for the last time. With the camera constantly focused on Jasna, the story follows all her anxious moments through continuous single shots that intensify her internal struggles while Anka is still controlling everything from the background. “Mater” is a compelling study on human relationships, so realistic and vividly emotional that will immensely affect any viewer.

Vassilis Economou


Jure Pavlović 
(b. 1985) graduated directing at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, Croatia. He took part in various international workshops like Berlinale Talents, Sarajevo Talent Campus, Sources 2, etc. His short films were screened and awarded on numerous international festivals such as Berlinale and Clermont-Ferrand. His short film "Picnic" (2015) won the European Film Academy Award (EFA) for the Best European short film in 2015. "Mater" is his fiction feature debut.






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