Guests: Wanphrang Diengdog, director; Shahnaab Alam, producer; Sweety Jane Pala, producer; Adil Hussain, cast


Lorni - The Flaneur

Lorni, igavene veenusk

First Feature Competition

2019, 107 min

Dir: Wanphrang Diengdoh
Scr: Wanphrang K Diengdoh
Cast: Adil Hussain
Languages: English, Hindi


A decade ago, Wanphrang K. Diengdoh had an idea for a film. Not knowing when it would be made a reality, he started drawing frames for the future film. On the side, he also made documentaries, installations, music videos, and music – the author is an active musician. Over time, his drawings were starting to take the shape of a graphic novel ready for publishing, but then came an opportunity to make the film.

Shillong is a small town with a self-fashioned out-of-work private detective who escapes the monotony of his drab life when he is tasked with investigating the disappearance of objects of great cultural value. Looking for one thing, he discovers something else…

This superbly stylish film amazes with the accomplished and skilful hand of the writer from the first frame till the last. The film contains the ‘mandatory’ elements of noir – a lonely man, a city, a femme fatale, and so on, but Wanphrang has added something more to it. Something that is also disappearing or reshaping. The word lorni in the title of the film is not random – it is a khasi word that means a person who is nosy and very inquisitive about other people’s activities. Neither is it random that the film was shot at the home place of the director. It is the author’s bow of respect to his language and culture. As well as a challenge to the new times together with the #khasinewwave movement, co-founded by the director.

Mihkel Möölman


Wanphrang Diengdoh is an independent film maker. His films, music videos and installation works reflect his interest in the culture and politics of the space he comes from. In 2011, his debut short film bagged all the awards at the GISFF Film Festival. In 2015, he directed “Between the Forest and the Song”, a film that explores the song naming tradition in Kongthong Village and the implications of modernity in tribal spaces. Wanphrang has also directed several music documentaries. He is one third of the politco-punk band Tarik and also engineers recordings and produces music for other musical acts.






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