Guests: Park Hee-Kwon, director; Ko Doo Hyun, producer; Lee Woo Jin, cast


Dust and Ashes

Tuhk ja tolm

First Feature Competition

South Korea
2019, 90 min
Dir: Park Hee-kwon
Prod: Ko Doo hyun
Scr: Park Hee kwon
DoP: Kim Dong hyun
Ed: Ko Doo hyun
Cast:  Ahn So yo, Lee Kang ji, Kim Na young, Kim Jae rok
Language: Korean


Hae-su (An So-yo), a frail young girl who works at a factory, is always covered in dust. There seems to be a problem at home, and she seems to be taking care of it in a mysterious way. Her mother has died and the girl runs around anxiously in order to hold the funeral in secrecy. She is clearly in distress and strings of clues are given in time, just enough to keep the audience curious. But what is the truth behind Hae-su’s suspicious behavior?

Unanswered questions trigger lingering, disquieting feelings in this beautiful, slow paced and surprisingly strong debut feature by Korean filmmaker Park Hee-kwon. 

Accompanied by striking raw photography, Park’s assured mise-en-scene is at once simple and elaborate. With the use of few words, minimalist dialogues and actions, even without much explanations the director is able to move the audience’s emotions. And while we follow the mysterious intensity of An So-yo’s powerful performance, we can’t avoid feeling distraught and can’t help but wonder what really happened, how it happened and what lies in the future for her.

Giovanna Fulvi


Park Hee-kwon (b. 1978) graduated from Hanyoung High School in Yeosu. Later she graduated from the Department of Newspaper Broadcasting at Woosuk University in Jeonju in 1997. "Dust and Ashes" is her debut feature film.






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