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Drama, Religion, Social Issues
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Through Black Glass

Läbi musta klaasi
Skvoz Cherone Steklo
Director: Konstantin Lopushansky
Country: Russian Federation
Year: 2019
Film duration: 02:20
Language: Russian
Producer: Andrei Sigle
Screenwriter: Konstantin Lopushanskiy
DoP: Dmitry Mass
Cast: Maxim Sukhanov, Vasilisa Denisova, Nadezhda Markina
Production: Proline Film


An unknown benefactor promises to pay for a hugely expensive operation which would restore eyesight to a blind orphan. There is just one condition: the girl has to marry the benefactor. Sounds like pulp literature, yes? But not in the case of Konstantin Lopushanski who is known as a herald of the apocalypse and in his first film, ‘Dead Man’s Letters’, predicted the Chernobyl catastrophe.

It is not even easy to say which genre the film belongs to. Is it a melodrama, with tense intrigue and exaggerated emotionality – so different from the oppressive anti-utopias and fantasy worlds characteristic of Lopushanski? Or a philosophical parable with elements of melodrama? A political satirical tragedy? In any case, the audience will see an intriguingly distorted Cinderella story of today’s Russia where two extremely different world views nearly mythically collide and where intelligence fades and ethical and religious principles shrink under cynicism and vulgarity and soulless materialism in an avalanche of apocalyptic dimensions.

Maksim Sukhanov’s acting performance here is something very special – even devilishly brilliant! His character, the caricature-like benefactor, a Russian oligarch whose hands render all sacred things to ashes, is ridiculous and pitiful in places, and utterly scary in others – and at times all of that at once. Is sanctity even possible in our era of cruel life truths? It is, rings Lopushanski’s answer... Let the film tell you the rest.

Tiit Tuumalu


Konstantin Lopushansky (b. 1947) graduated from Kazan Conservatory in violin, followed by postgraduate study at the Leningrad Conservatory as critic. During his studies he gained some work experience with Andrei Tarkovsky on the film "Stalker". He has made since 1986 eight full-length films in which  "The Role" was screened at PÖFF's compettion programme in 2013 (Best Actor Award).
Director's filmography: Pisma myortvogo cheloveka (Dead Man's Letters, 1986), Izgnanie iz ada (1988), Posetitel muzeya (Visitor of a Museum, 1989), Russkaya simfoniya (1994), Konets veka (The Turn of the Century, 2001), Gadkie lebedi (Inetud luiged, PÖFF 2006), Rol (Roll, PÖFF 2013), Skvoz chyornoe steklo (Through the Black Glass, 2019)
  • Konstantin Lopushansky

    Thu, November 28, 2019


    Coca-Cola Plaza, iSense Saal, Tallinn

    Screening code: 140102
    Subtitles: English, Estonian
    Q&A guests: Maxim Sukhanov, Konstantin Lopushansky, Vasilisa Denisova
    Screening duration: 02:50
    Language: Russian

    Sat, November 30, 2019


    Athena Keskus, Tartu

    Screening code: 161903
    Subtitles: English, Estonian
    Screening duration: 02:20
    Language: Russian

    Sun, December 1, 2019


    Apollo Kino Solaris, Saal 3, Tallinn

    Screening code: 171105
    Subtitles: English, Estonian
    Screening duration: 02:20
    Language: Russian






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