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Political Satire, Thriller, Social Issues
World Premiere

The Seeker

O Buscador
Director: Bernardo Barreto
Country: Brazil
Year: 2019
Film duration: 01:28
Language: Portuguese
Producer: Bernardo Barreto, Mario Patrocinio
Screenwriter: Bernardo Barreto, Martin Preusche
DoP: Lucca Pougy
Music: João Viana
Cast: Pierre Santos, Mariana Molina, Débora Duboc, Mário Hermeto, Aline Fanju
Production: Berny Filmes


Isabela (Mariana Molina) is the daughter of a powerful Brazilian politician. Despite growing up enjoying social privilege and surrounded by luxury, she falls in love with Giovani (Pierre Santos), founder of an alternative community located in the countryside of Brazil, aimed at sustainability and free love. Isabela, fascinated by this different world, leaves everything behind to seek a different lifestyle. After having lived for four years in that community, Isabela decides to pay a visit to her family on Father's Day. She brings along Giovani and introduces her boyfriend to the family.

What Isabela does not expect is that just on this day of the return to her roots, the news shakes the country about her father’s involvement in one of the biggest corruption scandals ever hit Brazil. What was supposed to be a pleasant family gathering, becomes a nightmare for Isabela who has no alternative but to face and confront the ghosts of her past.

While most of the story takes action inside the family mansion, surrounded by the press and protesters screaming abuse outside the gate, Giovani’s unwillingness to conform with the norms of “polite society” shocks the family. However, in the end it turns out that it is not Giovani who is the black sheep of the family.

Antonio Bordallo


Bernardo Barreto holds a degree in Actor Training from UniverCidade in Rio de Janeiro, the NY Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute, Susan Batson Studio in NY, and Studio Fátima Toledo in São Paulo. As and actor Bernardo worked in many Brazilian films and TV  productions. Bernardo signs various short films as a director, that he calls “experiments”, the co-production of the documentary "City of God - 10 Years Later", released worldwide, and he wrote, directed, produced and starred on the TV series "Meus Dias de Rock". His debut feature length film "The Seeker", witch he wrote and directed, is to be released in 2020.
Director's filmography: O Buscador (The Seeker, 2019)
  • Bernardo Barreto

    Thu, November 28, 2019


    Kino Sõprus, Tallinn

    Screening code: 140903
    Subtitles: English, Estonian
    Q&A guests: Bernardo Barretto, Mario Patrocinio, Mario Hermeto
    Screening duration: 01:58
    Language: Portuguese

    Fri, November 29, 2019


    Kino Artis, Saal 2, Tallinn

    Screening code: 151602
    Subtitles: English, Estonian
    Screening duration: 01:28
    Language: Portuguese

    Sun, December 1, 2019


    Elektriteater, Tartu

    Screening code: 171804
    Subtitles: English, Estonian
    Screening duration: 01:28
    Language: Portuguese






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