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Drama, Fantasy, Adventure
International Premiere

Once Upon a Time in Sad Hill

Ükskord Kurbuse Mäel
Once Upon a Time in Sad Hill
Director: Rax Rinnekangas
Country: Finland, Spain
Year: 2019
Film duration: 01:28
Language: English, Spanish, Finnish, French
Producer: Rax Rinnekangas, David Alba Romero / Oy Bad Taste Ltd.
Screenwriter: Rax Rinnekangas
DoP: Theofanis Kavvadas
Editor: Jari Innanen
Music: Pascal Gaigne
Cast: Pilar Puente, Marja Skaffari, Margaret Jova, Liisa Sofia Pöntinen, Nacho Angulo, Ville Tanttu
Production: Bad Taste, Solisterrae Music
Scholarship of 1200 euros


Two couples are finishing a workshop on the philosophy of Fernando Pessoa in northern Spain. Embarking for the train station, they arrive at a deserted landscape; a long walk through the mountains leads them to Sad Hill, the shooting location for the final scene of Sergio Leone’s iconic western “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” (1966).

In this abandoned cemetery the women confront the vicissitudes of their hollow marriages, circling through cinematic pasts with a new understanding of the present.

Rax Rinnekangas’ sixth narrative film is a cryptic, cerebral meditation on meaning, freedom, and human will.

Ursula Grisham


Rax Rinnekangas (1954) has directed seven feature films and almost 20 documentaries on arts and social issues. He is widely known for his Five Master Houses of the World-film series that speaks about the outstanding private houses on different continents designed by the world’s leading architects (Konstantin Melnikov, Alvar Aalto, Luis Barragán, Le Corbusier, Tadao Ando) in the 20th century, the period of modernism. As an author, he has published essays and novels in Finland and novels with critical success in France, Germany and Spain. As a photographer, he worked with different projects around the Old Continent, among them: Zerkalo – The Russian light, The Colours of Holocaust, and had over 60 solo exhibitions in many countries (Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain, 2003).
Director's filmography: Valik/Selected: Matka Edeniin (The Way to Eden, 2011), Veden peili (2012),  Luciferin viimeinen elämä (2013), Theon talo (2014), Ympyrät ja kivet (2016), Maailman viimeinen kirjakauppa (2017, doc), Once Upon a Time in Sad Hill (2019)
  • Rax Rinnekangas

    Wed, November 27, 2019


    Coca-Cola Plaza, Saal 4, Tallinn

    Screening code: 130202
    Subtitles: English
    Q&A guests: Rax Rinnekangas, Pascal Gaigne
    Screening duration: 01:48
    Language: English, Spanish, Finnish, French

    Sat, November 30, 2019


    Apollo Kino Solaris, Saal 5, Tallinn

    Screening code: 161304
    Subtitles: English
    Screening duration: 01:28
    Language: English, Spanish, Finnish, French






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