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Man from Beirut

Pime palgamõrvar
Man from Beirut
Director: Christoph Gampl
Country: Germany
Year: 2019
Film duration: 01:22
Language: Arabic, German, English, Albanian
Producer: Christoph Gampl, Kida Khodr Ramadan, Harry Flöter, Jörg Siepmann
Screenwriter: Boris Naujoks, Christoph Gampl
DoP: Eeva Fleig
Editor: Marek Weinhold, Markus Cm Schmidt, Christoph Gampl
Music: Greatest Kidz
Cast: Kida Khodr Ramadan, Blerim Destani, Susanne Wuest, James Biberi, Dunya Ramadan
Production: chapplingo films int., 2Pilots Filmproduction, Kida Films


Out of the dark - this is true for this film both on the story level and in terms of production. A hard-boiled thriller with a high-concept twist set in Berlin, Man from Beirut follows a blind hitman, Momo, as he tries to survive after his emotions have compromised the outcome of his latest „cleaning job“: He encounters a young girl in the wrong place at the wrong moment, but can’t pull the trigger this time - and finds himself on the run alongside fellow hitman Kadir. To make it out of the Berlin night alive, the killer has to turn against an army of former friends and new foes.

“Man from Beirut” was produced outside the normal confines of german filmmaking: No public budget, but fast hit-and-run production by director Christoph Gampl and his allies brought a film to life which boasts many well-known-faces of german filmmaking and German rap-star Veysel.

At the very center Kida Khodr Ramadan (recently rising to international fame as the dramatic centre of German series-smash-hit 4 Blocks) plays the blind-eyed-killer with a broken heart and surely could build upon a deep off-screen bond: His daughter Dunya Ramadan is having her screen debut in this black-and-white Berlin noir.

Christoph Gröner


Christoph Gampl (b. 1969) studied drama and directing at Filmuniversität Babelsberg. He wrote short stories for the German edition of Hustler and financed his studies as a freelancer in Berlin's famous Big Sexyland and as a dishwasher in Tres Kilos, a renowned restaurant for lovers of nightlife. After his feature debut “The Antman” in 2002 Gampl went on to produce and direct in the advertising business for almost 15 years. Before he went totally crazy, he remembered his roots and returned to filmmaking and storytelling. “A Thought of Ecstasy” (PÖFF 2017, in competition) and “Kanun” (as producer and editor) he came back to feature film in 2017. With “Man from Beirut” in 2019, he produced and directed a longtime heart project.
Director's filmography: Burning Man 2020 (doc, 1998), The Antman (2002),  Freedom2speak v2.0 (doc, 2004, co-dir), Man from Beirut (2019)
  • Christoph Gampl

    Mon, November 25, 2019


    Coca-Cola Plaza, iSense Saal, Tallinn

    Screening code: 110102
    Subtitles: English, Estonian
    Q&A guests: Cristoph Gampl, Uwe Kamitz, Kida Khodr Ramadan, Blerim Destani, Grit Arndt, James Biberi, Susanne Wuest
    Screening duration: 01:52
    Language: Arabic, German, English, Albanian

    Tue, November 26, 2019


    Elektriteater, Tartu

    Screening code: 121802
    Subtitles: English, Estonian
    Screening duration: 01:22
    Language: Arabic, German, English, Albanian

    Thu, November 28, 2019


    Coca-Cola Plaza, Saal 8, Tallinn

    Screening code: 140506
    Subtitles: English, Estonian
    Screening duration: 01:22
    Language: Arabic, German, English, Albanian






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