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Drama, Social Issues
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Director: Héctor M. Valdez
Country: Dominican Republic
Year: 2019
Film duration: 01:30
Language: Spanish
Producer: José R. Alamá
Screenwriter: David Maler, Héctor M. Valdez, José R. Alamá, José Pastor, Ángel de la Cruz
DoP: Juan Carlos Gómez
Editor: Rocío Gattinoni, Gilberto Amado
Music: Pascal Gaigne
Cast: Luis Bryan Mesa, Ariel Díaz, Vicente Santos, Wigberto Dechamps, Peter Jean Baptiste
Production: Bou Group


After his university studies in Montreal, Héctor M. Valdez returned to his homeland, the Dominican Republic, and started work as a filmmaker. Together with producer José Ramón Alamá, they founded a joint production company, Bou Group, which has by now successfully found its wings. Héctor’s new feature film, which he has carried in him for a long time, will also hopefully soar high.

Malpaso is a small town on the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Just out of town, twin boys live with their grandfather. One of the brothers, Braulio, goes to the market with his granddad to sell coal, while the other brother, Candido, looks after their home. He is kept away from the eyes of strangers due to his unusual appearance – he is born as an albino. After the grandfather dies, the boys’ life changes completely. In order to survive, they are forced to move to town where entirely different and harsh rules apply. Braulio must somehow protect his brother and he therefore tries to adapt to the reality. Candido, however, has always been a dreamer since childhood. He dreams that their father will return to them and everything will be alright.

The relations between the two countries are not always cloudless. This is amplified even more in the border areas where different cultures collide. Using amateur actors, the author of the film has managed to convey a harsh, yet poetic and authentic atmosphere of reality and people’s ability to dream.

Mihkel Möölman


Héctor M. Valdez (b. 1989) began making short films as a teenager and throughout his university years, at McGill University. In 2015, he directed the documentary feature-length film "República del Color": a film that explores how the depiction of Caribbean identity has evolved in the country’s rich history in visual arts. His follow up film, "Melocotones", held its North American premiere at the Montreal World Film Festival in 2017. "Malpaso" is his most personal film to date; made to give a voice to the youth in the most neglected region of his country: the Haitian-Dominican border.
Director's filmography: República del Color (2015), Melocotones (2017), Malpaso (2019)
  • Héctor M. Valdez

    Fri, November 22, 2019


    Coca-Cola Plaza, iSense Saal, Tallinn

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    Q&A guests: Hector Valdez, Pascal Gaigne, Barbara de Lema Carmona
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    Sun, November 24, 2019


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