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Lühifilmi võistlusprogramm 2
Lühifilmi võistlusprogramm 2


In a world in which communication is easier than ever, isn’t it ironic that human beings find it increasingly difficult to talk to one another? We can wax lyrically about the latest album release to a forum friend who resides halfway across the world, but we can’t express our hopes and fears to the person who sits across from us at the dinner table every day.

Showcasing a series of films about characters who seem to have trouble communicating their true feelings is, in many ways, yet another exercise in the ironic. After all, what better way to escape the need to talk to one another than to escape to a darkened cinema? Yet the very act of going to the cinema allows us to engage with other people’s thoughts and feelings. Maybe the films here will encourage us to go out into the world and be more deep and meaningful with the ones we love.

Unsurprisingly, most of the films that are proffered here are as much about fractious family relationships as they are the lack of talking to one another; both things often go hand in hand. But these films are not an exercise in bleak introspection. There are glimmers of the indomitability of the human spirit on offer, with acts of bravery and depictions of familial solidarity that contrast with the darker moments.

Ten O'Clock

Director: Samuel Tebandeke
Uganda, Kenya
Year: 2019
Film duration: 00:12
English, Swahili

A woman is determined to make her mother face the past by breaking her silence on their relationship, which was fraught with years of neglect and abuse.

The Sands of Venus

Director: Tony Grisoni
Great Britain
Year: 2019
Film duration: 00:18

A brother and sister who were close as children are thrown together by their mother’s potentially fatal illness. The two of them stay in an Airbnb with a couple who lives an isolated existence in a large and claustrophobic house by the sea. Soon long buried secrets come to the fore.

In Between

Director: Samir Karahoda
Year: 2019
Film duration: 00:14

An empathetic portrait of the families that, by economic necessity, need to live much of their lives separated and in cultures not their own.

Silence of the Fish

Director: Hilke Rönnfeldt
Iceland, Denmark, Germany
Year: 2019
Film duration: 00:19

Saga lives on a remote fishing farm in Iceland with her mother, Hildur. Hildur is trying hard to secure the economic existence of the family’s small trout farm over the next winter, and daughter Saga is her only support. But Saga is growing up and developing needs of her own.

A Sister

Director: Delphine Girard
Year: 2018
Film duration: 00:16

A night. A car. A woman in trouble. A call.


Director: Kerli Kirch Schneider
Year: 2019
Film duration: 00:15

In Virago village, where no man has lived long enough to see his fortieth birthday, Tõnu is about to turn forty.

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