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Live-Action Competition 1

Lühifilmi võistlusprogramm 1
Lühifilmi võistlusprogramm 1


We’ve heard and experienced the same stories hundreds of times. People fall in and out of love. Wars are fought. Children grow up, and innocence is lost. The world continues to turn with an infinite inevitability. And that’s why strange is good. The weird and the unpredictable are the spicy condiments for the sometimes bland meals that everyday life serves us up.

Shorts are the perfect medium for the surreal. They can be a playground for directors to experiment with cinema. They also don’t outstay their welcome as they let us accept a new reality for a brief moment in time.

The shorts on offer here are not exercises in wild experimentalism or arch surrealism. Instead, they offer us comforting normality – at least on the surface. But when we dig deeper, you’ll discover that everything here is somewhat off-kilter and ever so slightly out of place. With the world shifted a bit on its axis, we experience things anew and look at an all too familiar world with fresh eyes.

Vinegar Baths

Director: Amanda Nell Eu
Year: 2018
Film duration: 00:14
English, Chinese

A tired and overworked nurse in a maternity ward finds joy when she is alone roaming the hospital corridors at night. It's the time when she can finally eat.

Monster God

Director: Agustina San Martín
Year: 2019
Film duration: 00:10

God is now a power plant. On a misty night, cows escape, a child is chosen, and a teenager tries to find freedom.

Electric Swan

Director: Konstantina Kotzamani
France, Greece, Argentina
Year: 2019
Film duration: 00:40

Buildings are not supposed to move. But on Avenida Libertador 2050, a building moves and the ceiling shivers, causing a strange nausea that devours its residents. Those who live on the top are afraid they'll fall – and the ones who live beneath are afraid they'll drown.

Gypsy Hunt

Director: Mikkel Andreas Smidt
Year: 2019
Film duration: 00:20
Danish, Swedish

At a beautiful hotel near the beach, the Danish and Swedish branches of an international company are having lunch. A merger is imminent, and Karsten is under a lot of pressure from his boss. But it's OK: he's choosing the corporate entertainment. And knows just the right thing that will keep everyone entertained.

The Devil's Harmony

Director: Dylan Holmes Williams
Great Britain
Year: 2019
Film duration: 00:15

Kiera is being bullied at school. She’s the nerdish captain of the acapella club and an easy target. Or so it seems.

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