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Goya, May 3rd

Local title
Goya, 3. mai
Title in Russian
Гойя. Третье мая
Original title
Goya 3 de mayo
Carlos Saura
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art, history, historical personas

Filming "Goya. May 3" is an innovative audiovisual project that makes a cinematographic recreation of Goya's painting "The Executions of May 3" through an 8K digital recording with real digital scenography under the direction of Carlos Saura, also from Aragón. This, with a multidisciplinary team, develop a dramatization as realistic as possible, making use of the latest filming technologies and with a careful artistic direction that pays special attention to styling, costumes, sound setting, etc., in a complex process whose novelty lies in the production, and with which it is sought to achieve an immersive experience of great impact for the visitor.

The project wants to be a tribute to Goya on the 275th anniversary of his birth, while the format aims to initiate a path of investigation between art and technology, with the aim of enriching the visual heritage of the artists with works of mixed technologies. museums and thus contribute to attract the younger public to know their collections. The objective is that the documentary coexists in a museum space with a reproduction of the original canvas, so that the public can see "with their own eyes" how the shooting of May 3 happened from the perspective of Goya recreated by Saura, thus proposing a union between classical authors and current ways of capturing reality.

Goia, 3. mai' linastub 26. novembril koos filmidega 'Rosa Rosae: Hispaania kodusõda' ja 'Kogu ilma kuningas'.

Carlos Saura
Museo Nacional del Prado, Gobierno de Aragón, Acción Cultural Española
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Carlos Saura

Carlos Saura (snd 1932) oli elukutseline fotograaf, enne kui hakkas 1950. aastate keskel filme tegema. Saurat peetakse viimase nelja aastakümne juhtivaks Hispaania režissööriks, kelle esimene lühifilm "La tarde del domingo" valmis juba 1957 ning kelle filmid nagu "La caza" (1966), "La prima Angélica" (1974), "Mama cumple 100 años" (1979) jpt on võitnud kõrgeid auhindu rahvusvahelistel festivalidel. 2022. aasta 4. jaanuaril tähistab režissöör oma 90. sünnipäeva. Carlos Saura on tänavune PÖFFi elutööpreemia laureaat.

Valik: Llanto por un bandido (Weeping for a Bandit, 1964), Le Jardin de las delicias (The Garden of Delights, 1970), Ana y los lobos (Anna and the Wolves, 1973), Dulces horas (Sweet Hours, 1982), Antonieta (1982), Carmen (1983), Ay, Carmela! (1990), Sevillanas (1992), Tango (1998), Goya (Goya in Bordeaux, 1999), Bunuel y la mess del rey Salomon (Bunuel ja kuningas Saalomoni laud, PÖFF 2001), Salomé (2002), Fados (2007, PÖFF 2008), Io, Don Giovanni (Mina, Don Giovanni, PÖFF 2009), Flamenco Flamenco (2010), Jota de Saura (2016), El rey de todo el mundo (The King of All the World 2021)


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