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Girl With No Mouth

Ilma suuta tüdruk
Girl With No Mouth
Director: Can Evrenol
Country: Turkey
Year: 2019
Film duration: 01:38
Language: Turkish
Producer: Müge Büyüktalaş, Kanat Doğramacı, Can Evrenol, Kemal Kaplanoğlu, Müge Özen, Caner Özyurtlu
Screenwriter: Can Evrenol, Kutay Ucun
DoP: Meryem Yavuz
Editor: Erkan Özekan
Music: Deniz Güngören
Cast: Denizhan Akbaba, Elif Sevinç, Özgür Civelek, Kaan Alpdayı, Sermet Yeşil, Mehmet Yılmaz Ak
Production: AC Film, Asteros Film, Mo Film, The Moments Entertainment


Highly unlikely you have ever witnessed such alternative utopian vision of post-apocalyptical Turkey after a nuclear accident. Just imagine Mad-Maxian sci-fi adventure with brave rebellious kids, who have nothing to lose. Upgrade a dangerous hunt in the forest with some Chernobyl like radiation. That is how dynamic and poignant survival fantasy for a whole family is blended by probably the most inventive Turkish director.

Can Evrenol was never shy to experiment in genre cinema and built a reputation of gritty storyteller. Not surprisingly “Netflix” hired him to helm first ever Turkish original series “The Protector”. His third feature differs from previous horror thrillers “Baskin” and “Housewife”. Expect for meaningfully entertaining action thriller, balanced by choreographed stunts, scarily violent moments, black humour and sensitive revelations. Talented author claims certain ambitions to challenge Robert Rodriguez in kids-on-a-special-mission campaign with vibrant chases, scientific experiments, witty strategies, bloody zombies and effective shootouts.

Angry military mercenaries ruthlessly pursue poor exposed children, who were born with various disabilities. Loving parents sacrifice hugest efforts, but fail to protect and hide them. One girl and three boys are left alone to improvise and survive all the nasty elimination traps.

Edvinas Pukšta


Can Evrenol (b. 1982) studied Art History & Film Studies at The University of Kent at Canterbury. Began his career as an independent horror short filmmaker, later working as a TVC director in Istanbul. Evrenol co-wrote, co-produced, and directed two internationally acclaimed surreal horror feature films "Baskin"  and "Housewife", plus a segment in the horror anthology "The Field Guide To Evil". In his third feature film, "Girl With No Mouth", he pursues yet another type of genre cinema, a postapocalyptic kids-on-a-mission movie, mixing arthouse and 80’s mainstream sensibilities.
Director's filmography: Baskin (2015), Housewife (2017), Girl With No Mouth (2019)
  • Can Evrenol

    Sat, November 23, 2019


    Coca-Cola Plaza, iSense Saal, Tallinn

    Screening code: 090102
    Subtitles: English, Estonian
    Q&A guests: Can Evrenol, Muge Buyuktalas, Elif Sevinc, Kaan Alp Dayi, Asli Celikel
    Screening duration: 02:08
    Language: Turkish

    Tue, November 26, 2019


    Athena Keskus, Tartu

    Screening code: 121902
    Subtitles: English, Estonian
    Screening duration: 01:38
    Language: Turkish

    Thu, November 28, 2019


    Apollo Kino Solaris, Saal 3, Tallinn

    Screening code: 141105
    Subtitles: English, Estonian
    Screening duration: 01:38
    Language: Turkish






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