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Historical, Drama, Fantasy, Thriller
World Premiere


Director: Tom Sullivan
Country: Ireland
Year: 2019
Film duration: 01:30
Language: Irish
Producer: Cúán Mac Conghail
Screenwriter: Tom Sullivan
DoP: Kate McCullough
Editor: Mary Crumlish
Cast: Dónall Ó Héalai, Saise Ní Chuinn, Dara Devaney
Production: Macalla Teoranta


Tom Sullivan has worked as an actor for over fifteen years and began writing and directing in 2010, his various projects picking up nominations and awards from different festivals. His new film “Arracht” is a complex Irish drama about the darker undercurrents in all of us.

The story begins in Connemara, Ireland 1845. A peasant and a fisherman called Colman (an endearing Dónall Ó Héalai) dutifully takes care of his family and his piece of land. He is an honest man who always keeps to his word and enjoys a good relationship with his landlord. But when the taxes go up yet again, even though the crops are rotting and the famine is getting worse, Colman goes to speak to his landlord in the hopes of solving this whole situation amicably. That is not to be. The meeting ends in violence and Colman is on the run, hunted for crimes he did not commit. Not only must he struggle with hunger and despair, but also with gnawing guilt because of all the people he couldn’t save.

This well acted and beautifully scored film captures its characters both in the thrall of nature and their own worst instincts. Director Tom Sullivan skilfully creates a haunting atmosphere that stays with you long after you leave the theatre. Can a man who has lost everything find a way back to himself and start a new life?

Liisi Rohumäe


Tom Sullivan studied Earth Science at University College Galway. After graduating in 1995, he began acting and has worked consistently in film and television since then. In 2010, Tom began writing and directing short films. His first short, “Asal” (2011), premiered at the Galway Film Festival where it won the Tiernan McBride Award for Best Short Drama. Tom was also nominated for a Zebbie Award in 2014 by the Irish Writers Guild for his work on “Mechanic” (2013). His latest short, “Personal Development” (2015), was funded by The Irish Film Board and had its North American premier at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2015. “Arracht” is his first full-length feature as director.
Director's filmography: Arracht (2019)
  • Tom Sullivan

    Fri, November 29, 2019


    Coca-Cola Plaza, iSense Saal, Tallinn

    Screening code: 150102
    Subtitles: English, Estonian
    Q&A guests: Dara Devaney, Tom Sullivan, Saise Ni' Chuinn
    Screening duration: 02:00
    Language: Irish

    Sat, November 30, 2019


    Elektriteater, Tartu

    Screening code: 161804
    Subtitles: English, Estonian
    Screening duration: 01:30
    Language: Irish

    Sun, December 1, 2019


    Apollo Kino Solaris, Saal 4, Tallinn

    Screening code: 171205
    Subtitles: English, Estonian
    Screening duration: 01:30
    Language: Irish






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