Events and all that jazz

PÖFF is not just a film marathon. PÖFF is like a big cosy quilt which offers every PÖFF Wolf from any end of the woods and far-off bogs refuge from the cold harsh winds of November. For two weeks, the exquisite film menu is complemented by exciting events and enthralling journeys of discovery in the city. There is nothing more heart-warming that merry meetings and bright moments – these things make up the film of your life. We are offering such moments also outside the cinema: chatting in a restaurant, dancing with abandon at a club or enjoying fine fashion and art.


Culinary Zone

 A cinema ticket is a valuable piece of paper also this year, so keep it safe in your pocket! At Reval Café, it will get you a cup invigorating coffee for just one euro, and many other great discounts at all the PÖFF A list places.

Night Zone

We invite film lovers, most probably shaken by their film impressions, to the cosy bars and clubs on our Night Zone A list both in the Old Town and in the Telliskivi Creative City area.


Opening Ceremony

14 November

The first gathering of the PÖFF Wolf pack will take place at the Alexela Concert Hall on 14 November. Come and celebrate the arrival of the Black Nights Film Festival with us.

PÖFF Party

22 November

Yes sir, we can boogie! PÖFF Party will take place at the main hall of Fotografiska on 22 November, when the doors swing open to an eventful dance night. Come and swing your tail with other PÖFF Wolves!

Vote for your favourite film

15 November to 1 December

Like every year PÖFF would like to find out the most delightful film of the audience. Vote for your favourite film and participate in the charming lottery from our sponsors!

Whitechapel Gallery, Kai Art Center & Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival present

21 November to 23 November

Come and participate in a workshop, visit Artists’ Film International opening event and discover Artists Film International film program.

Kitchen Filled with Cinema

24 November

Host film guests at your home! Black nights bring a lot of widely recognised fascinating filmmakers and actors with whom to share a dinner and film impressions.

Award Ceremony

30 November

The festive award ceremony will be held at the Alexela Concert Hall at 19:00 on 30 November. Stars from both local and faraway galaxies will gather on the black carpet.

Afterparty of the award ceremony: Disco Tallinn

30 November

This year’s PÖFF will end with a festive and head-spinning official afterparty of the award ceremony at 22:00 on 30 November at NR 99 Café. The party is organised by Disco Tallinn.






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