European Film Academy announces shortlist and a new award category

The European Film Academy has announced the shortlist of films that are running for the Best European Film Award for the 32nd edition of European Film Awards. The list includes two entries from the Black Nights Official Selection of 2018 – Bad Poems by Gabor Reisz and Werewolf by Adrian Panek.

Produced in Hungary, Bad Poems is a playfully told story by director-writer-lead actor Gabor Reisz, portraying a 30-something who is dealing with a rough breakup. Reviewing the film after its world premiere in Tallinn, Wendy Ide wrote in Screen International: ‘Reisz maintains a gently mocking levity when it comes to his character’s sad-sack melancholy and there’s a deft sleight of hand in the way the film negotiates the transitions between the glum reality and the fantasies and flashbacks’. The film went on to screen at several festivals such as Torino and Transilvania and won four Hungarian Film Awards, including best film and director.

Boasting an equally impressive global run, the World War II-themed allegorical thriller Werewolf was a success among the critics and audience, winning the Audience Award and the Ecumenical Award of Black Nights. The Hollywood Reporter’s critic Stephen Dalton called it ‘…a thematically rich combination of coming-of-age drama, wartime thriller and horror movie’ after its European premiere in Tallinn. The film has screened at over 25 festivals so Babylon Berlin becomes the first-ever series to be awarded by the Academy

As a new category, the Academy introduces the European Achievement in Fiction Series Award, to reflect the changes in the cinematic landscape. In its first edition, the award is presented to series’ creators Achim von Borries, Henk Handloegten and Tom Tykwer for Babylon Berlin, the most expensive European series production to date. The series continue its already successful global run,  having been screened all over Europe, North-America (Netflix holding the North American rights for the first three seasons) and Australia. Black Nights held a gala screening in 2017 with the attendance of the key members of the crew (creators Achim von Borries, Henk Handloegten) and cast (leading stars Volker Bruch and Lisa Liv Fries). 

According to the academy they wish ‘…to pay tribute to a ground-breaking series, at the same time a passionate cinematic spectacle and a precise depiction of the political and social realities in 1920s Berlin. Through the eyes of a visiting police detective, BABYLON BERLIN allows the audience in and outside of Germany to witness the crucial political and social developments on different social levels of the Weimar Republic.’

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