Day #9 at Black Nights: behind every extraordinary story are moments of ordinary boredom.

The rebellion of youth and the trauma, or liberation, that is retirement mark the boundaries of what one might call the ‘adult life’. For some it is an adventure, for some, it is a chance to invent themselves or set out to change something in the world. But we cannot deny; for all of us, it is speckled with moments of deep, sometimes anguishing, boring mundanity.

Most filmmakers try to capture the extraordinary, as we see in the bulk of today’s films. And they do it well. But some dare to take a chance to capture the most ordinary. Will it be worth watching, and if not: what does it say about your own daily life and perception of it?  

15:45 A Dog’s Death, Sõprus Cinema
+Q&A with guests Matias Ganz, Jerome Breau, Damien Megherbi, Justin Pechberty, Juan Jose Lopez

Mario and Silvia are a  typical Montevidean middle class couple, going through the trauma of retirement. Due to Mario’s oversight in what was to be one of his last operations a small dog dies.

Shortly after, Mario and Silvia find that thieves have entered their house. They have no choice but to leave and stay at their daughter’s house, where they will enter a spiral of insecurity and paranoia that will drag them to violence and nonsense.

16:45 Jelgava ‘94, Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 8
+Q&A with guests Antra Cilinska, Janis Abele, Aigars Sērmukšs, Andris Grants, Ernests Ansons, Matiss Gricmanis, Bruno Bitenieks, Elizabete Zviedre, Endijs Zuks

Newly independent Latvia. Teenagers rebel to experience and taste everything that freedom has to offer while shocking their parents. Kurt Cobain’s suicide inspires to listen “Nirvana” and throw away “Ace of Base” posters.

J. Abele’s sophomore feature is based on bestseller written by J. Jonevs and nostalgically jumps back to the past with older alter ego, who isn’t eager to repeat the same errors in the flashbacks.

19:00 Sideline, Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 7
+ Q&A with Joost Wynant, Louis Pons

A documentary about Moses Adams, a 28-year old former premier league international from Nigeria, who slowly realizes that, after a long-term injury, his professional football career is coming to an end. Based in Belgium and in need of funds, he decides to become a players’ agent and set up a small football academy in Nigeria.

20:00 Furtive, Apollo Solaris Cinema 4
+ Q&A with guest Estela Roberta Sanchez

After an unknown issue in his previous position, a forest ranger Pablo Silva tries to remake his life in his next destination, a forgotten and conflictive place where not many want to go: Pereyra Park.

After some quiet days of settling at his new site and establishing boundaries with his new colleagues, he starts to glimpse a net of illegal hunters, hidden traffic and hoax. 

21:00 Tapeworm, Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 6
+Q&A with directors Milos Mitrovic, Fabian Velasco & composer Max Walter

Very few movies attempt to capture the mundane emptiness of life. Fewer still manage to succeed. “Tapeworm” does both.

Sure, there are characters here doing something, but it doesn’t really matter what and where. What matters is that they are stuck, overwhelmed by life and their own seemingly insurmountable fears.







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