Day #8 at Black Nights: on the eighth day there was salvation.

According to Biblical teachings, The Eighth Day, is when God’s plan culminated. The majority of all human beings who ever lived faced their judgment. Sadness and mourning were cast away – it was the day of salvation.

Without wanting to compare ourselves to God, we do have a great number of films that touch upon facing one’s judgment and salvation on this eighth day of Black Nights. A mother that tries to reconcile with her daughter through spending her hospital bills on her wedding, a young Mexican finding a new life after leaving a cartel and one call center worker’s attempt at ridding existential sadness through weight-lifting, that goes horribly wrong.

18:00 Malpaso, Coca-Cola Plaza ISense Cinema

+ Q&A with guests Hector Valdez, Pascal Gaigne, Barbara de Lema Carmona

World premiere of the new film by Héctor M. Valdez: a story which he has carried around in his heart for a long time. Set in Malpaso: a small town on the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Just out of town, twin boys live with their grandfather. Braulio, goes to the market with his granddad to sell coal, while the other, Candido, looks after their home. He is kept away from the eyes of strangers due to his unusual appearance – he is born as an albino. One day, they are forced to move to town, where entirely different and harsh rules apply. 

18:30 I’m No Longer Here, Coca Cola Plaza Cinema 8
+ Q&A with screenwriter Fernando Frias

Ulises, a 17-year-old Mexican boy, is forced to migrate to the U.S. after a misunderstanding with a local Cartel. He leaves behind what defines him: his gang and the Cumbia parties that he loves.

A powerful film introducing us to the extravagant and fascinating urban tribe Cholombianos existing in Monterrey, crazy about music from Colombia and the Caribbean.

20:45 Dust and Ashes, Sõprus Cinema
+ Q&A with director Park Hee-Kwon, editor Ko Doo Hyun and Lee Woo Jin

Hae-su, a frail young girl who works at a factory, is always covered in dust. There seems to be a problem at home, which she is taking care of in mysterious ways. Clearly in distress, strings of clues are given in time. Just enough to keep the audience curious. But what is the truth behind Hae-su’s suspicious behavior?

Slow-paced, strong debut by South-Korean Park Hee-Kwon.

20:45 Muscle, Coca Cola Plaza ISense Cinema
+ Q&A with director Gerard Johnson, producer Richard Wylie, Matt Wilkinson, actors Cavan Clerkin and Craig Fairbrass

Did someone say toxic masculinity? Muscle is a densely packed thriller that drips in testosterone.

Call-center worker Simon, whose everyday existence is one of boring monotony, tries to get out of the rut and joins a low-budget gym. Terry, an intimidating physical offers his services as a personal trainer. At first, Simon seems to gain more confidence, but slowly Terry is infiltrating in more and more areas of his life.

21:00 Nova Lituania, Coca-Cola Plaza Cinema 4
+ Q&A with director Karolis Kaupinis

Want to get acquainted with the region through film? In our Baltic Competition, the Baltics are your oyster and the films a pearl, one shinier than the other. Nova Lituania, by the ambitious debutant Karolis Kaupinis, is a witty satire, in which we follow respected traveler and researcher Feliksas Gruodis.

Feliksas develops a radically utopian ideology to relocate citizens of still free Lithuania and save them from rather imminent occupation threats by Poles, Russians, even Nazis. Unluckily he is not so skillful to protect his nearly loveless marriage from the harmful invasion of a demanding mother-in-law.

21:15 Wonderful Woman, Coca Cola Plaza Cinema 9
+ Q&A with producer Miae Choi and screenwriter Kyuhwan Jeon

Flattered by the request to be bridesmaid to her daughter, who has ignored her, the cancer-diagnosed Kyung-sook spends all her hospital bills on marriage expenses.

Return of a frequent PÖFF’s guest director Jeon Kyuhwan. And the strong will of the person who endures, enthusiastically performed by actress Ahn Min-yeong.







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